Life Day Event Decorations

The Life Day Event is a limited-time event in Star Wars: The Old Republic that only takes place once a year in the winter. The event focuses on the fiction Star Wars holiday of Life Day, allowing you to throw snowballs, hug wookiees, and earn holiday-themed rewards. You can participate in the event as early as level 10, you just need to complete your first planet. Unlike the other limited-time events, the Life Day event has no quests and is not very involved – players often participate in the snowball throwing part of the event while doing Flashpoints, Operations, PvP or just while hanging out on the Fleet.

Life Day Event Guide

Some decorations are a reward for throwing Snowballs at Overheated droids, some are exclusive to the Lifeday vendor for Snow Covered Parcels the currency for the event, and others can be found on both the Lifeday event for Parcels and also on the Cartel Market / GTN.