Feast of Prosperity Decorations

The Feast of Prosperity event, sometimes known as the “Hutt Event”, “Feast Event”, “Fall Event”, or “Thanksgiving Event”, is a limited-time event in Star Wars: The Old Republic. This event only takes place once a year in the late fall. The event focuses on a gourmet feast being held by the Hutts as a charity event for the less wealthy of Nar Shaddaa. During the event you can earn some unique rewards including a a set of orange robes, some fun emotes and toys, a chef’s hat, and a lot of decorations. You can participate in the event as early as level 20, and the event is available to both free-to-play and subscribed players. This event lets you cook gourmet dishes and deliver food to patrons as a droid in two minigames, as well as gather exotic ingredients in the open world and from World Bosses.

Feast of Prosperity Event Guide

This event does NOT have a reputation track, unlike all other events in the game. Instead, you earn event currency tokens by doing the quests.

To spend your Prosperity Tokens, go to the Feast of Prosperity Vendor located on the upper floor of the Nar Shaddaa Promenade, near the large golden Hutt statue. He is a blue Twi’lek near where you pick up the repeatable quests from the event.

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