Voss Decorations Collection

Voss Decorations Collection

The Voss are a newly discovered humanoid species with a strong affinity for the Force–though they don’t recognize it as the Force. Confined to a single city, Voss-Ka, on their homeworld, they possessed a pre-spaceflight level of technology until their recent discovery by the Republic and the Empire. Today, they have begun integrating outsider advances into their own culture, but remain isolated and backward compared to the rest of the galaxy. Voss society is difficult for outsiders to comprehend, as they are guided in everything they do by the infallible visions of their Force-using Mystics.

The Voss are a mysterious race that was introduced with the release of SWTOR, and with it their culture. Their buildings are often large and rounded, with white walls and colorful interiors covered in a trinkets and wood-worked furniture.

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Voss Furniture Decorations

Rich mahogany wood is often paired with many colors: oranges, greens, blues reds and golds. Voss furniture decorations are distinct from most of the rest of the furniture decorations as they contain no metal or plastoids.

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Voss Temple Decorations

Hidden among the quiet and mysterious Voss temples lies decorations waiting for you to uncover, with a mysterious glow that could mean ruin or revelation… and a matching bush.

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Voss Street Decorations

The Voss decorate the outside of their houses with as much care as their insides. They are also careful to delineate the “neutral” line between the Empire and the Republic on their peaceful homeworld.

Voss Planet Gallery

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