Intro Quest Decorations

There is a great introductory quest to strongholds which becomes available at Level 15 or higher, which will give you some free decorations. To start the quest, head to the Strongholds & Crew Skills section of the Fleet and look for the holographic quest giver.

swtor 2015-05-16 11-00-45-27

Once you complete the quest, you’ll receive a handful of free basic decorations. You can do this quest on every one of your characters for more free decorations for your stronghold!

Later on, more types of free decorations will star showing up in your in-game mailbox, so keep an eye on it. This includes multiple vendor decorations, faction flags, and crafting material decorations!

Your strongholds and decorations are legacy-wide, and all your characters on your server can visit and decorate your strongholds.

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The quest on the Republic side will give a Republic banner, and the quest on the Imperial side will give an Imperial banner.

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