Mek-Sha Stronghold

Mek-Sha Stronghold (SWTOR Decoration)

Mek-Sha Stronghold SWTOR decoration, screenshots and information!

Additional Info

The Mek-Sha stronghold is a base of operations to control your local crime syndicate or run your own nightclub for the local miners to unwind, and is one of the many types of player housing you can get in Star Wars: the Old Republic.

How to Get the Mek-Sha Stronghold

To unlock the Mek-Sha stronghold, you will need to earn 14 Galactic Seasons Tokens through Galactic Seasons, a limited-time event in Star Wars: The Old Republic.  You do not get a token every Galactic Seasons level, and subscribers can earn a total of 15 tokens per season.

x14 Galactic Seasons Tokens

Once you have earned enough tokens, you can go to the Jaleit Nall Vendor located in the Supplies section of the Republic or Imperial Fleet, and purchase the Mek-Sha Safehouse Deed, then use the item from your inventory. This will unlock the stronghold for all your characters on your server.

The Mek-Sha stronghold has 500 hooks available and a 30-character Occupancy limit. It does not have any expansions, all the rooms are unlocked by default.

Mek-Sha Stronghold Tour

There is two “maps” for the Mek-Sha Stronghold, but they are all considered one big room.

I did see this player-decorated house on Stronghold by Corvinus-Nox, very cool! Many players seem to want to use this as a night club or other entertainment venue. Another good use would be a workshop of some kind.


Warehouse Room

This big warehouse room looks out to the balcony with glass windows. It is much like a warehouse, has a raised stage area, and there is an inside balcony upstairs overlooking it.


The stairwell has a very large window, and is actually a ramp to the second floor area. There is seme decorating space in the area in front of the window.

Upper Area

The upper area of the stronghold has an indoors balcony, overlooking the Warehouse room down below.

Upper Balcony

The upper balcony is similar to the one below, but you need to take the stair well to get there. If you are careful, you can jump from the upper balcony to the lower one.

Upper Balcony Room

There is a small “room” on the Upper Balcony.

Back Room

There is a room in the back of the stronghold, that you get in to from a small door off of the large Warehouse room.

The view:

On the test server, there was a little “door” graphic in this room, but it seems to have been removed on the live server. It did not open on the test server.

There’s also a funny little red blinking light in the corner of thus room. It is not clickable. The lights on the ceiling come with the stronghold and are not a decoration.

Starship Hook

BUG: There does seem to be a Starship Hook, on the large platform below the stronghold. You can right-click it. However if you place a decoration there, the decoration is mostly invisible, and the hook itself is not visible. This may be fixed or the hook removed with a future patch. I have not found a way to get down there either.

Mek-Sha Stronghold Terminal

The terminal to visit other players’ Mek-Sha strongholds is on the planet Mek-Sha (not on the Fleet). You can quick travel to the Huttbreaker’s Compound on the top left, or taxi there. This is quite an expensive stronghold in terms of token cost, so not many players may have listed theirs publicly.

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