Manaan Stronghold

Manaan Stronghold

The Manaan player housing stronghold was introduced with Star Wars: The Old Republic’s game update 5.3, and was one of the many locations that players requested that developers add a stronghold to. Manaan was often requested due to its serene and unique environment, and was different enough from the other existing strongholds to be a great addition for players to decorate.


How to Get the Manaan Stronghold

There are no requirements to getting the Manaan Stronghold except having enough credits on hand to purchase it. The initial unlock is 2.5 million credits, and you can unlock it in the Strongholds & Crew Skills section of the Republic or Imperial Fleet. Fully unlocking the Manaan stronghold costs just over 8 million credits or 7,000 cartel coins, and unlocking the stronghold through credits is considered the best deal.

The Manaan stronghold is the smallest and least expensive luxury stronghold. If you are interested in the player housing in SWTOR but are low on credits, don’t worry, there are other houses on Coruscant and Dromund Kaas that start at as low as only 5,000 credits! This review and guide will be covering the new Manaan stronghold’s 5 rooms, how much they cost and what they look like.

Personal Stronghold Costs and Unlocks

Room Credit Cost Cartel Coins Visitors Decorations
Initial Unlock 2.5 million 2,500 CC  5  250
Interior Expansion 2 million 1,400 CC  +10  +200
Rooftop Garden 975,000 800 CC +5 +50
Deepwater Sanctuary (South) 1,450,000 1,150 CC +5 +75
Deepwater Sanctuary (North) 1,450,000 1,150 CC +5 +75
Total 8,375,000 7,000 CC  30  650

Guild Stronghold Costs and Unlocks

Manaan Retreat

Features deeper inside the stronghold include underwater viewing ports where aquarium life swim by, underwater hooks that you can see through the deep water windows, a beautiful rooftop garden area open to the sky and a second-level room that looks out over Manaan.

After years of isolation, Manaan has finally opened its doors to outsiders with this secluded villa on the water. With expansive ocean views and state-of-the-art Selkath defenses, you can rest easy knowing your enemies are parsecs away. Relax on your rooftop garden to take in the fresh sea breeze, or retreat to your underwater den to watch firaxan sharks swim beneath your feet.

Few planets have been as important to both sides of the war as Manaan. But with its surface covered completely by water, and with its native Selkath population having adopted an isolationist stance, access to the planet can be difficult to come by. The Selkath economy’s reliance on the export of kolto to the Republic and the Empire does provide opportunities to visit, but guests are typically limited to the world’s few trading platforms–the only surface structures not affected by the Empire’s bombardment of the planet during the Great Galactic War.


Arrival Points

There are two arrival points you can set your character to load in to:

  • Landing Platform, the big round outside platform where you load in (default)
  • Rooftop Garden, which is actually in the indoors area on the second floor of the elevator, beside the elevator doors, not in the garden


Below are screenshots of the fully undecorated Manaan Stronghold!

Initial Unlock

The initial Manaan unlock includes a large outdoors area with two centerpieces hooks, built-in fountains, open pedestals and many hooks. There’s also a Starship Hook high up on top of the main building which you can place a starship on, but is not accessible to players.

This is the area you get when you pay 2.5 million credits to unlock the stronghold. This area is quite large.

The Starship hook is located on top of the large building, not on the landing pad.

It’s a very faint purple and may be easy to miss.

Interior Expansion

The Manaan Interior Expansion unlocks the elevator hallway, an underwater room below surface level and a second-floor room with windows.

Elevator Hallway

Underwater Observatory


Rooftop Garden

The Rooftop Gardens is on the second floor of the Manaan Stronghold. You can not jump over the bushes, there is an invisible barrier.

Deepwater Sanctuary (South)

You can place decorations on the hooks outside the Deepwater Sanctuaries!

You can even add decorations outside through the windows!

Deepwater Sanctuary (North)

Hooks outside the Manaan stronghold here too! The two rooms are mirrored.

You can add deco in the ocean through the windows!


Manaan Decorations

There are many Manaan decorations available for players who want to keep to the underwater lab theme or to decorate their stronghold like a true Selkath. Check out the guide to see them all!

View the Manaan Decorations Guide >>

Manaan Stronghold Ideas

Players can decorate their strongholds however they like, but here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Underwater scientist lab for studying biology, chemistry, or the field of your choice
  • Healing retreat for Jedi, cut off form the rest of the galaxy
  • Spa retreat for Smuggler’s
  • Most exclusive club in the galaxy
  • Secret underwater treasure or bounty stash
  • Kolto laboratory with heavy security
  • Manaan medical lab for long-term care
  • Luxury cybernetics surgery practice
  • Cryogenics lab where loved ones are “frozen in time beneath the waves”
  • Hidden force-users training temple
  • Follow the darkside and recruit force-sesensitive Selkath into your cult so you can one day overthrow Manaan
  • Bunker, the perfect place to ride out the bumpy waters away from the Alliance, The Empire and the Republic
  • Art and History vault, with the galaxy in turmoil help preserve the culture of the galaxy

Here are some ways others have decorated their stronghold…

Hooks by Room

This represents the total number of hooks available when you unlock a room. There are more hooks available than you can place decorations on.

NOTE: You can transform most of the hook options into different arrangements, changing the number of each hook type available in a room.

Black & White Floorplans

Below Manaan Stronghold (aka “swimming”)

To get below the Manaan stronghold requires “breaking” the game a bit. To get under there, jump over the water and log out while you are still in the air. Note that this is not intended, so the bottom portion of Manaan is not completed because no one is supposed to be there. To return, type /stuck to return to the top of your stronghold. You can also see the giant Firaxa shark swimming around this way. If you need help figuring out how to do this watch the video at the top! I am unsure if this is still possible or not.

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