Fleet Commendations Decorations

Fleet Commendations are a type of currency earned from both solo Space Missions and from player-vs-player Galactic Starfighter, and can be used to purchase cosmetic items including decorations. You can see how many Fleet Comms your character has in the currency tab in your inventory.

To buy them, you need to travel to the Strongholds and Crew Skills section of the fleet and purchase as many copies as you want with Fleet Commendations from the Starfighter & PvP Decoration Vendor.

Space Missions:

Space Missions Guide

Fleet commendations can be earned by completing the one-time quests as well as the daily Operation quests. Unfortunately, Fleet Commendations are not legacy-bound, so you can only spend them on the character you earned them on. If you complete all the original one-time space missions, you’ll earn 38 commendations, and for each of the heroic one-time missions, you’ll earn 20 commendations for each one. After that, you can earn commendations from the different repeatable daily quests.

Galactic Starfighter:

Galactic Starfighter Guide

The GSF Daily and Weekly quests also reward Fleet Commendations. There is a terminal section of the fleet you can pick them up from, and the Daily rewards 50 Fleet Commendations for playing 2 matches or winning 1, and the Weekly has you play 10 or win 5 matches and gives you 300 Fleet commendations.


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