Tatooine Stronghold

Tatooine Stronghold

An outlaws haven, the Tatooine Homestead is the perfect luxury hideaway. Located in the quiet desert, this sprawling collection of structures would do any bandit king proud. You’ll never miss the daylight as the twin suns soar overhead and a Jawa balloon floats lazily in the distance.


How to Get the Tatooine Stronghold

There are no requirements to getting the Tatooine Stronghold except having enough credits on hand to purchase it. The initial unlock is quite expensive at 2.5 million credits, and you can unlock it in the Strongholds & Crew Skills section of the Republic or Imperial Fleet. This is not meant to be a starter stronghold – it’s quite large and will cost more credits than say Coruscant or Dromund Kaas.

Personal Stronghold Costs and Unlocks

Room Credit Cost Cartel Coins Visitors Decorations
Initial Unlock 2.5 million 2,500 CC 10 200
Docking Bay 1.8 million 2,000 CC + 10 + 100
Cliff Room North 800k 900 CC + 5 + 50
Cliff Room South 800k 900 CC + 5 + 50
Dome Room #1 900k 950 CC + 5 + 25
Dome Room #2 900k 950 CC + 5 + 25
Dome Room #3 900k 950 CC + 5 + 25
Dome Room #4 900k 950 CC + 5 + 25
Total 9 million 10,100 CC 50 People 300

Guild Stronghold Costs and Unlocks

Room Credit Cost Visitors Decorations
Initial Unlock 15 million 10  200
Docking Bay 3.6 million + 10 + 100
Cliff Room North 2 million + 5 + 50
Cliff Room South 2 million + 5 + 50
Dome Room #1 2.25 million + 5 + 25
Dome Room #2 2.25 million + 5 + 25
Dome Room #3 2.25 million + 5 + 25
Dome Room #4 2.25 million + 5 + 25
Total 31.6 million 50 People  500

Tatooine Homestead

The harsh sands of Tatooine have never felt so much like home. Make your stand against the environment and the sand people in the desert, where water is at a premium. If you’re searching for a place to warm up from the cold on Hoth, Tatooine’s two-sunned surface will surely do the trick. Features include a Jawa Balloon that circles, twin suns, a moving Sandcrawler in the distance, and various tarps and tents.

Get away from it all with this expansive homestead on the remote and scenic world of Tatooine. Located at the edge of the vast Dune Sea, features include wide-open exterior spaces, multiple outbuildings constructed in authentic local style, and a secure overlook built into the adjacent cliffside. And with only the latest in security technologies, attacks by marauding Sand People are a thing of the past!




The Tatooine stronghold has a total of 7 rooms you can unlock in addition to the Initial Unlock.

The View







Initial Unlock

The initial unlock comes with the cliffside overhang area, the smaller pits on the ground, an elevator and elevator area, the large flat ship pad, all of the sandy area including the tarps. It only excludes two small rooms on the cliff area, four small underground domes and the large circular spaceport pit.

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swtor 2014-08-14 18-20-31-82

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swtor 2014-08-14 18-25-54-49

swtor 2014-08-14 18-26-12-60

swtor 2014-08-14 18-26-16-05

Starship Hook

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Cliff Rooms

There are two unlockable rooms attached to the balcony on the cliff face. They are the same, just mirrored left and right, and are called Cliff Room North and Cliff Room South.

Docking Bay

The Docking Bay is a huge room with a circular opening in the roof. You can put a ship here or change the hook and put many larger decorations down.

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swtor 2014-08-14 18-24-39-43

Small Dome Rooms

The four dome rooms are all the same shape and size, but are spread out across the map.

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swtor 2014-08-14 18-15-53-37

Hooks by Room

This represents the total number of hooks available when you unlock a room. There are more hooks available than you can place decorations on. NOTE: You can transform most of the hook options into different arrangements, changing the number of each hook type available in a room.

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