Iokath Decorations

Iokath reputation can be started once you have completed the Knights of the Eternal Throne expansion and the Iokath main story on the story path.

The rewards are divided between two different Reputation tracks – the Republic track and the Imperial track. They are not divided by faction – it does not matter if your character is a character you created on the Republic or Empire side. Instead, your Reputation is determined by which faction you are representing when you do your quests – you can support either the Empire or the Republic on the same character. There are different Reward for Republic Iokath and Imperial Iokath, so you would want to progress both reputation tracks to earn all the rewards.

The Iokath Reputation decorations cost Iokath Power Shards, a type of currency earned through the Iokath dailies, plus the correct Reputation Rank with Iokath to use the item.

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