Manaan Decorations

Manaan Decorations

Selkath are a sleek, amphibious species native to the oceans of the planet Manaan. Diplomatic and family-oriented, they have traditionally been advocates of peace in the galaxy, taking a decidedly neutral political stance. Their homeworld is a major exporter (and formerly the sole source) of the medicinal fluid kolto, and it is the kolto trade that made the Selkath an influential force in the past. 

The Selkath’s sleekness is reflected in both their architecture and their furniture, with smooth curving lines and aquatic colours.

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Manaan Furniture Decorations

Selkath furniture combines unique Selkath furniture with Czerka office ware. We can only assume they have been buying stock in the galaxy’s company.

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Manaan Fountain Decorations

While you can’t get Manaan’s fountains or statues ingame, there are a few choices to add a bit of water and serenity to your stronghold.

Manaan Underwater Sea Lab

Are you a Selkath scientist? Looking to uncover the secrets of kolto or wookies? Whatever you’re working on, make sure your lab has the right equipment.


Manaan Planetary Gallery

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