Republic Fleet Stronghold (Carrick Station Penthouse)

Republic Fleet Stronghold (Carrick Station Penthouse)

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Star Wars: The Old Republic players have been requesting a smaller apartment stronghold for quite a while now, and the developers have responded with two new Penthouse strongholds located on the Republic and Imperial fleets. The Republic Fleet Stronghold (properly called the Carrick Station Penthouse in-game), has only four rooms, and is much smaller than the other strongholds, but still has six hundred hooks available for decorating and cool view of space and of the VIP lounge of the Fleet.

Public Test Server Information, subject to change

To unlock access to the Republic Penthouse, you will need to purchase a “deed” items from the Galactic Seasons vendor. The deed costs 7 Galactic Seasons tokens, and subscribers would receive their seventh token by the time they reach Galactic Seasons Level 62, and free-to-play players can only earn a total of 4 tokens per season. You can purchase this stronghold and go to your purchased stronghold on either a republic or Imperial player, and you can purchase and unlock both Penthouses.

This Deed and the use of it transfers ownership of one Carrick Station Penthouse from its former owner (the grantor) to the new owner (the grantee) as defined by statute of the Galactic Republic. This deed is non-transferable to those outside of your Legacy. This deed may not be resold. Per regulatory statute of the Carrick Station, only those who have standard grade Station access are permitted within the Penthouse at any given time. (You can’t buy or sell the stronghold deed on the GTN or give it to a friend, [[you can not invite Imperial players to the stronghold]]. )

Carrick Station

During the final months of the Great Galactic War, the Republic became desperate to develop a new hyperroute for supplies in their conflict with the aggressive Sith Empire. To facilitate their new route, a nearly forgotten supply base known as Outpost 22 was returned to full service. By the time the Treaty of Coruscant was signed and the war had ended, Outpost 22 had become such a major hub of activity as to be as indispensable a gathering place as the capital world itself. The base was given a new and significant identity–Carrick Station–in dedication to Zayne Carrick, a once-unassuming Padawan who rose to a position of great importance during the Mandalorian Wars.

Republic Fleet Stronghold Full Tour & Review

Carrick Station Penthouse

This modest penthouse apartment is located in the upper levels of Carrick Station, the Republic’s primary space station.

Your initial unlock gets you a small entry area, a main room, two windowed rooms and a large octagonal room. There are no additional rooms to pay to unlock. One of the windowed rooms overlooks the VIP Lounge on Carrick Station and the other overlooks space, ships, and Carrick Station’s exterior. This is a copy of Carrick Station – you will not be able to see other players running around if you look down out the window. You do hear cantina music in the cantina-facing room. The stronghold has 600 hooks, but can only hold 15 players at a time.


Elevator Room

Main Room

VIP Lounge Overlook Room

You can put decorations on the window!

Space Fleet Overlook Room

Octagonal Room

It’s very dark, here’s what it looks lit up.

Hallway leading to Octagon room

In the hallway there is a grate that looks like there is space under it…

You can not see the Penthouse in the normal Fleet.