Yavin 4 Decorations Collection

Yavin 4 Decorations Collection

More than two dozen moons orbit the Outer Rim gas giant Yavin. Of those moons, the one designated Yavin 4 is by far the most habitable, supporting a vast array of flora and fauna within its lush and endless jungles. Yavin 4 also holds a great deal of interest to the Jedi and the Sith. For well over a thousand years now, the dark side of the Force has flowed through Yavin 4 in an ever-increasing magnitude. But those who visit the moon’s deadly rainforests and swamps in search of an explanation for the phenomenon rarely return, and never with any answers.

Yavin 4’s savage beauty is reflected in its ancient ruins and flora, which can be brought into your stronghold in a variety of ways.

Yavin 4 Statues and Sculptures

Yavin 4 is the planet where Exar Kun fully embraced the dark side, and the final resting place of the Naga Sadow. Their marks have been left on the planet’s surface in the form of degenerating temples, artifacts and statues. The largest is the combat arena, which can only be placed on a starship hook (not available on Dromund Kaas and Coruscant).


Yavin Temple Metalwork Decorations

Also left behind in the hidden temples of Yavin are decorations which are light enough to pilfer from their former owners and place around your stronghold.


Yavin Plants and Trees

While exploring the planet of Yavin 4 you will notice most of the surface is overgrown with lush jungles, only just held back by the stone temple floors. An entire selection is actually present in the large tree plot decoration.

More Plants and Trees

If you can’t get your hands on authentic imported Yavin 4 plants, try these which can be found across the galaxy and in your own backyard.

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Massassi Decorations

This docile personnel is guaranteed not to savage you or your guests, however it is suggested you keep your pet at least one hook away form your new Massassi. We also recommend giving him a proper home, water and a place to hang his heads at the end of the day.

Revanite Decorations

Show your devotion to Revan in all his forms with decorations from both Yavin 4 and Dromund Kaas.

Miscellaneous Yavin 4 Decoration

Unfortunately if you don’t already have the 3rd Anniversary Decoration or Shadow of Revan Poster, it is retired forever!

The Planet of Yavin 4

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