Datacron Decorations Collection

Datacron Decorations Collection

Datacrons are a type of holocron that can be accessed even by those who are not force-sensitive. They often contain knowledge, lore and personal thoughts of the Sith and the Jedi, a way of leaving behind their findings and legacy. In SWTOR, you can search for datacrons that boost your stats across the galaxy.

Datacron Master Exhibits

If you have the patience and the skill to find all the of the datacrons hidden across the galaxy in SWTOR, you will unlock these two decorations, one for finding all the light datacrons and one for finding all the dark datacrons.

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Individual Datacron Decorations

You can also find individual datacrons to place in your stronghold. These are dropped by enemies on their listed planets, but are random whether you reveive one or not by killing an enemy. They are more likely to drop from HEROIC enemies and chests. For each datacron there is a light and a dark version for each stat: Strength, Cunning, Prescene, Endurance, Aim and Willpower. The dark base is black with a red glow, and the light base is mahogany with a blue glow. These decorations are not linked to the datacrons you find in the galaxy. These datacrons can also be bought and sold, so check the GTN if you are looking for a specific one!

Datacron Matrix Converter

Although not as beautiful as the other decorations, no datacron collection would be complete without the Matrix Converter decoration. In the game, you can combine multiple matrix shards (which you can go seeking for much like datacrons) into a completed Matrix Cube. During the launch of the game, this cube was one of the most powerful relics available outside of operations. The decoration version is just for looks, and is a crafted item.