Imperial Decorations

Imperial Decorations

If you’ve purchased the Dromund Kaas luxury apartment or Imperial Flagship, you are likely seeking some Imperial decorations to match your new stronghold or guild ship. Imperial decorations trend towards the red color of the Empire, brutalist statues, and the symbol of the Empire as a permanent reminder of its power. Below is a curated list of Empire decorations. If you are seeking decorations more suited for a Darkside or Sith stronghold, please see the Sith Decoration list.

Imperial Propaganda

The Empire’s reach is strong, and so is its propaganda. Long live the Empire!

SWTOR Imperial Decorations


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Imperial Statues

The Sith often employ statues that display torment. The Empire, however, shows statues that display subservience and raw ancient power.

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Imperial Furniture

When in doubt, stick to red, purple, black and dark shades of grey.

Imperial Personnel Decorations

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Imperial Technology (Imperial Flagship)

Imperial computers and screen are most often purple, and usually have two chairs in front of them for their operators.

Imperial Flagship Gallery

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