Imperial Guardsman

Imperial Guardsman (SWTOR Decoration)

Imperial Guardsman SWTOR decoration, screenshots and information!

Imperial Guardsman Small Floor Hook

Hook: Floor Small (Green Square)

The Imperial Guardsman decoration fits into a small green square floor hook.
Imperial Guardsman Medium Narrow Floor Hook

Hook: Floor Medium Narrow (Blue Rectangle)

The Imperial Guardsman decoration fits into a narrow blue medium rectangle floor hook.

How to Get an Imperial Guardsman Decoration

Yes this item decoration can be bought on the GTN! Bought and sold on the GTN from other players
Credits DecorationsCosts 200 Credits

Credit Decorations (previously warzone decorations)

The Imperial Guardsman decoration can be bought for 200 credits. It can be bought from a vendor in a room with a guild bank in the Crafting & Strongholds section of the fleet, NOT in the PvP section of the fleet. It does not require any special skills or PvP to acquire, just credits.

This item can be bought and sold on the GTN - beware of scammers and don't buy it from the GTN unless it is less than 200 Credits.

The Imperial Guardsman decoration used to cost 200 Warzone Commendations, but Warzone Commendations were removed from the game so now it just costs 200 Credits.

Additional Info

You can only buy this guard from the vendor on the Imperial side, so if you mainly play a Republic character you will need to level an Imperial character past their starter planet to get to the fleet. If your new Imperial character is low on credits, send some over from your Republic character by mail.

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