Underworld Exchange Decorations

Underworld Exchange Reputation is a strange and mostly deprecated type of Reputation in Star Wars: The Old Republic. This Reputation track was originally multiple different tracks that were combined into one, and the reputation items to progress the track came from different types of Cartel Packs.

Underworld Exchange Reputation

Underworld Exchange Reputation Guide

There are four decorations on the vendors, which can also be found on the GTN / in Cartel Packs.

Cartel Certificates

Cartel Market Certificates can be used to purchase to purchase specific Cartel Market items without having to pay Cartel Coins. Here’s the few ways to get them:

You can see how many Cartel Market Certificates you have by clicking the Currency tab in your inventory. Cartel Market Certificates are a legacy-bound currency, which means your currency pool is shared by all your characters on your server.

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