Oricon Decorations

Oricon Decorations

Centuries ago, a group of Sith lords were sent to Oricon to study the arcane and powerful Phobis devices. When these Sith reemerged from their work as the Dread Masters, they did so with the intent of making Oricon their home. With the Emperor’s blessing, they transported thousands upon thousands of slaves to the moon to build a massive fortress. Surrounded by deep pools of fiery lava, the fortress protects against all would-be invaders. Its impenetrable gates, powerful droids, and vicious, corrupted monstrosities guard a towering palace that contains the Dread Masters’ private chambers, where the Masters practice their dark arts.

On a planet where there is only lava and monsters, the Dread Masters have done surprisingly well at decorating their Fortress. You can too with these ominous decorations, just don’t let them know you’ve borrowed them – that or kill them all first.

Oricon Decorations

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Oricon Dread Master Decorations

Sometimes it’s important to show your enemy what you’re made of. Other times, it’s just nice to show your enemy what your other enemies used to be made out of. Bones, skulls, blood and tormented flesh are all perfect examples of what should appear in any Dread Master’s abode.


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