Industrial Prefabs Decorations

Industrial Prefab decorations are a type of crafted decorations in the game, but they are not all crafted the same way – the MK-1, MK-2, and MK-3 decorations each require different materials to craft, or different components to turn in for the decoration.

You an choose to craft them yourself, or buy them from the GTN from other players who have crafted them.

Crafted decorations are not crafted directly – instead you would craft the correct Industrial MK-1, MK-2 or MK-3 Prefab, which can then be turned in for these decorations.

Armstechs, Armormechs, and Cybertechs are the only crafters that can be Industrial Prefabs.

Rather than buying these decorations straight from the GTN, it is often cheaper to buy the correct Industrial Prefab from the GTN and then go pick up the decoration from the Industrial Prefab vendor, as the individual decorations are not always listed or are more expensive than the components used to buy them.

Or, of course you can craft them yourself!

Click on each decoration to learn how to craft the Industrial Prefab type needed to purchase it, and where to spend your prefab to get the decoration.

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