Plasteel Crate (Stacked)

Plasteel Crate (Stacked) (SWTOR Decoration)

Plasteel Crate (Stacked) SWTOR decoration, screenshots and information!

How to Get a Plasteel Crate (Stacked) Decoration

Yes this item decoration can be bought on the GTN! Can be bought and sold on the GTN from other players
Cartel Market Bundle Decoration Crafted
Costs: x1 Industrial Prefab MK-2
Plasteel Crate (Stacked) Medium Narrow Floor Hook

Hook: Floor Medium Narrow (Blue Rectangle): The Plasteel Crate (Stacked) decoration fits into a narrow blue medium rectangle floor hook.

Plasteel Crate (Stacked) Medium Floor Hook

Hook: Floor Medium (Blue Square): The Plasteel Crate (Stacked) decoration fits into a blue medium square floor hook.

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    How to Craft a Plasteel Crate (Stacked) Decoration

    To craft a Plasteel Crate (Stacked) decoration, you first need to craft an Industrial Prefab MK-2. You can then turn the prefab in to a vendor and get this decoration in return. You can also buy a Plasteel Crate (Stacked) decoration straight from the GTN, but it's often cheaper to just buy an Industrial Prefab MK-2 from the GTN and turn it in to the vendor yourself.


    Level 300+


    Level 300+


    Level 300+

    Only Armstechs, Armormechs and Cybertechs can craft an Industrial Prefab MK-2 which can be turned in for a Plasteel Crate (Stacked) decoration. If you do not have crafting level 300 in Armstech, Armormech or Cybertech, you will need to buy an Industrial Prefab MK-2 from the GTN to turn in for a Plasteel Crate (Stacked) decoration, or level up your crafting level until you can make it yourself. You could also find a friend who can craft it, then give them the materials listed on the chart and they can make the prefab for you. Armormech and Cybertech require the same materials to make an Industrial Prefab MK-2.

    Once you have finished crafting or buying your component from the GTN, you can turn it in at the vendor in the Crafting & Crew Skills section of the Fleet.

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