Datacron Drops Decorations

Datacron decorations are completely unrelated to Datacron collecting in the game, and are just some fun decorations that can be dropped by random chance while out in the open world. In the past, they were a fairly common drop, but something changed along the way and they are now much harder to find both in the open world an on the GTN from other players.

I have heard that due to the way loot is dropped in the open world, that for these to drop, you may need to be on a character who is on a planet appropriate to their level, rather than on a high level character on a low level planet. A player suggests trying to fight enemies on low level planets with a low level character (example a fresh Jedi on Tython or Bounty Hunter on Hutta.) Discussion Thread

You can also find these on the GTN, but the prices might be very high due to the low availability.

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