Armory Decoration Bundle Decorations

This decoration bundle from the Cartel Market includes the following decorations:

2 Anti-Personnel Defense Turret
2 Armory Locker (Open)
2 Armory Monitor
2 Blaster Mark
1 Bounty Board (Ceiling)
2 Electroblade Rack
1 Encased Warhead Stockpile
2 Iokath Munitions Cache
2 Iokath Security Laser
1 Mandalorian Weapon Rack
1 Merchant Stall: Armor
2 Missile Display
1 Munitions Stockpile
1 Plundered TC-16 Spewie Display Pedestal
2 Rotating Light (Red)
2 Security Camera
1 Turret (Large)
1 Weapon Stand

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