Imperial Guild Flagship Guide

Imperial Guild Flagship Guide

As the largest and most heavily-armed vessel in the Imperial Navy, a single Harrower-class dreadnought was capable of holding its own against fleets of starfighters or several smaller warships, but dreadnoughts were typically used as the backbone of the fleet: Harrower-class dreadnoughts normally coordinated fleet attacks while absorbing damage and dealing damage of its own.

Imperial Guild Flagship – Harrower-Class Imperial Dreadnaught

The Imperial Guild Flagship acts as a base of operations for Imperial SWTOR guilds, and can be decorated like a stronghold. Read about how to get your own flagship on a separate guide!

Your initial unlock gets you a large bridge, a small entry room, an escape pod room, a large hallway room, a small connection room, an officers lounge with two large rooms up an elevator, and access to the tiny rooms that precede each other floor up the elevator. There are four other floors: the command deck, the crew deck, the hangars and the engineering deck.

The Republic flagship is mostly dark grey, black an bright red. It feels very Imperial in its design and color scheme.

This domineering guild flagship is initially parked near the Imperial fleet, but can be moved throughout the galaxy. In lore, it has room enough for a 2,400 crew members, 7,300 troops, 95 starfighters, 32 bombers, 35 shuttles, turbolasers, quad laser cannons, ion cannons, proton torpedos, and concussion missile launchers. It is greater than 800 metres long but it is slower and less agile than its Republic counterpart. The epitome of Imperial destructive power, the Harrower-class dreadnought is the largest and best-armed ship currently in production by the Imperial military. Its wedge-shaped design is typical of Imperial warships going back to the founding of Dromund Kaas, but its technology is strictly state-of-the-art. The Harrower is capable of holding its own against starfighter fleets or multiple smaller warships but is best used as the backbone of an Imperial fleet–coordinating attacks, absorbing damage and launching devastating volleys where needed. The energy and material cost of building a single Harrower is roughly equivalent to ten years’ output of a major planetary mining colony. The loss of a Harrower is enough to pain logistics operators across the Empire.

Imperial Flagship Unlock Costs

Room Credit Cost Encryptions Visitors Decorations
Initial Unlock 8 mill 50 200
Command Deck Quad 5 mill x5 Command Frameworks + 10 + 75
Starboard Command Room 5 mill x5 Command Frameworks + 5 + 25
Port Command Room 5 mill x5 Command Frameworks + 5 + 25
Forward Command Room 5 mill x5 Command Frameworks + 5 + 25
Crew Deck Quad 5 mill x4 Logistical Frameworks + 5 + 50
Crew Room 1 5 mill x2 Logistical Frameworks + 5 + 25
Crew Room 2 5 mill x2 Logistical Frameworks + 5 + 25
Crew Room 3 5 mill x2 Logistical Frameworks + 5 + 25
Crew Room 4 5 mill x2 Logistical Frameworks + 5 + 25
Crew Room 5 5 mill x2 Logistical Frameworks + 5 + 25
Crew Room 6 5 mill x2 Logistical Framework + 5 + 25
Hangar Access 5 mill x4 Engineering Frameworks + 5 + 25
Port Hangar 5 mill x4 Engineering Frameworks + 5 + 50
Starboard Hangar 5 mill x4 Engineering Frameworks + 5 + 50
Engine Room 5 mill x4 Engineering Frameworks + 5 + 25
Total 83 million x20 Command Frameworks
x16 Logistical Frameworks
x18 Engineering Frameworks
130 People 700 Decos

Guild Flagships can not be unlocked with Cartel Coins, to prevent customer service having to get involved in the case of guild disbandment or loss of a flagship.

encryption-iconEncryptions can be earned by completing personal conquests, by completing your personal conquest and placing on the guild conquest leaderboard, dropped from Conquest Commanders, and bought for one Dark Project (crafted item) each in the Strongholds section of the fleet. They can also be “crafted” – you can trade in one Dark Project for one Encryption.

framework-iconFrameworks can be dropped from named Conquest Commanders, strong enemies spread around the galaxy. They can also be purchased with 50 matching Encryptions in the Strongholds section of the fleet.

Make sure your credits and Frameworks are in the first tab of your guild bank (not your inventory). You must also have access to withdraw the amount of credits needed from the guild bank before you can unlock flagship rooms.

Guild Perks

Guild Perks are a way of offering members in a Star Wars: The Old Republic small bonuses in the game for contributing and being a member of a guild. These are unlocked through owning a Flagship. Learn more in the Guild Perks Guide!

SWTOR Guild Perks Guide

Imperial Flagship Rooms

Harrower-Class Imperial Dreadnaught Bridge

Part of the initial unlock for 8 mill

swtor 2015-06-07 20-26-20-93

Flagship Initial Unlock (Imperial)

Part of the initial unlock for 8 mill – this is the area you load into first, a room behind it with the main elevator, the escape pod area, and a large hallway to the Officer’s Quarters. You also get four ‘elevator landing’ rooms for each of the unlockable decks.

swtor 2015-06-07 18-27-49-15

Imperial Flagship Officer’s Quarters

Part of the initial unlock for 8 mill – up an elevator off the main deck, there is small entry room that leads to a large room with two windows that has a unique shape not seen anywhere else in the flagship.

swtor 2015-06-07 18-29-07-70

Imperial Command Deck Quad

The command deck quad is a large circular room with a raised platform in the center. It opens up to the three command deck rooms.

swtor 2015-06-07 20-16-48-54

Imperial Command Deck Rooms

The Starboard Command Room and Port Command Room on the command deck are both very large, with two large windows looking out into space. These are the rooms on the “right and the left” of the Command Deck. You can not unlock these until you have unlocked the Command Deck.

swtor 2015-06-07 20-18-32-20

The Forward Command Room is the one directly across from the elevator, and it is a bit smaller, with only one window. It is very similar to the rooms found on the Crew Deck.

Imperial Crew Deck Quad

The crew deck quad is just a large area leading to the six crew rooms

swtor 2015-06-07 20-19-44-20

Imperial Crew Deck Room

There is a total of six crew deck rooms to unlock, and these can only be unlocked after you have unlocked the Crew Deck first.

swtor 2015-06-07 20-21-11-00

The four rooms facing north and south on the map all have a window facing space.

The other two facing north and south have no window.


Imperial Hangar Access

The hangar access is just a large hallway area leading to the hangars

swtor 2015-06-07 20-22-43-90

Imperial Hangars

A extremely large room with lots of hooks. The hangars give you a lot of extra decorations too. The ship hook can not be changed to another type of hook set. There are two hangars you can unlock, the Port Hangar and Starboard Hangar, which look the same.

swtor 2015-06-07 20-23-11-28

Imperial Engine Room

You can see the engine room when you look out the closed window, but can not get inside it. Very cool, the engine spins and sparks. The room is small though for the framework unlock cost.

swtor 2015-06-07 20-24-29-83

Peeking out the Engine Room window

Peeking out the Engine Room window

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