Tatooine Decorations

Tatooine Decorations

The Tatooine stronghold is a large and sprawling complex with hundreds of hooks out on the desert sands and inside classic Tatooine domed buildings and cliff dwellings.  Star Wars: The Old Republic has dozens of Tatooine-themed decorations, from Jawas to Krayt Dragons.

Most at home in Tatooine’s endless deserts and canyons, the nomadic Sand People survive by hunting and raiding larger settlements and by raising banthas as mounts and for food, milk and materials. To outsiders, they can appear incomprehensibly hostile–but while virtually all encounters with Sand People end in violence, their culture is more complex internally.

Although the desert is harsh, Tatooine’s inhabitants have made their homes in tents and underground bunkers cozy and sheltered from the heat.

Tribal Sand People Decorations

The sand people are a vicious lot, so make sure you are not caught stealing their furniture.

Jawa Decorations

These little sand people will keep you company in your stronghold – just keep them away from the desh junk piles. All three can be bought with Cartel Certificates and sell items that can be bought with Jawa Scraps.

If you can manage to maneuver it into your stronghold, a Sandcrawler would also make a good addition to your Tatooine-themed stronghold.

Krayt Dragon Decorations

Enormous predatory lizards that prowl the dunes of Tatooine, krayt dragons are both feared and revered by the Jawas and Sand People that share their world. Slaying one of the fearsome beasts was once a rite of passage for young Sand People warriors, and the Jawa believe krayt bones possess mystical properties. For all their importance to Tatooine’s native cultures, however, krayt dragons are extraordinarily rare and quite possibly extinct–no living krayt has been seen in decades. Nonetheless, their towering skeletons are a testament to their power and majesty, and a pilgrimage to the legendary krayt graveyard remains a holy ritual in many Sand People tribes.

Tatooine Art Decorations

The best place to place these decorations is in your Tatooine stronghold so you can get suck in a recursive loop if you look hard enough.

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Desert Rugs

With the sand stretching out as far as the eye can see, it’s important to try and mark out a space of your own.

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Tatooine Furniture and Decorations

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Shelter from the Binary Suns

Tatooine is littered with underground bunkers, tarps and giant parasols to keep the harsh sun off of its inhabitants’ backs.

Tatooine Planetary Gallery

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