Makeb Collection Decorations

Beautiful, serene and abundant in resources, Makeb has grown to become one of the greatest resort destinations in the galaxy. For a time, wealthy executives and socialites flocked to the planet to enjoy its remote locale, comfortable climate and exotic vistas without any need for concern over political entanglements. Even the more frequent occurrence of groundquakes in recent years could not place a dent in Makeb’s prosperous tourism, banking and mining trades. Recent events, however, have changed matters for the worse. With its precarious position on the edge of Hutt Space, Makeb has drawn the attention of the Hutt Cartel. Just what the Hutts intend for the planet remains to be seen.

While the Hutts may have sullied the planet’s beauty slightly, Makeb is still one of the best furnished and manicured planets of the game. If you can stand the earthquakes and the possibility of emergency evacuation, Makeb is a paradise of heritage and ornamentation.



    This is a fan-made list of Makeb-themed decorations. Feel free to use this list for Makeb inspiration, or mix it and match it with any other decorations you think might fit your theme!

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