Ossus Decorations

Ossus can be started once you have completed the Knights of the Fallen Empire and Knights of the Eternal Throne expansions, Iokath, Crisis on Umbara, A Traitor Among the Chiss, The Nathema Conspiracy, and then the actual Ossus storyline if you want to do the dailies and weekly quests.

Ossus reputation and rewards can be gained by doing the Ossus dailies and  heroics. These can all be picked up near where you load in to the planet. As you earn reputation ranks, more rewards will unlock from the Reputation vendors (there’s two, the rewards are kinda split between them, especially the decorations). There are some decorations that can only be bought Imperial side and some only Republic side.

Ossus Tech Fragment decorations only require Tech Fragments to purchase, but you need to fly to Ossus to buy them from the vendor near where you load in to the planet. There are multiple decoration merchants in this area, but you are looking for the one called Decoration Merchant, a little astromech droid. The others require Reputation with Ossus as well. Tech Fragments, a type of end-game currency, can be earned in a wide variety of ways, particularly at max-level.

Achievements: Some decorations on Ossus can only be earned by Achievement. The Ossus achievements are some of the longest weekly area achievements in the game, and come with some really nice decoration rewards.

Random Drop: Some decorations on Ossus can only be gotten by random drop while playing on the planet. They are all “Binds on Pickup”, which means they can not be bought/sold on the GTN to traded to a friend. They are very random, you generally get them while playing the dailies and defeating enemies on the main open world of Ossus.

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