Cantina Decorations

Cantina Decorations

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In real life, bar decorations usually include a fool stools, a table and some alcohol. In SWTOR, cantina decorations include everything from stools to a giant golden Hutt statue. Whether you’ve got a little or small space, make sure you’ve got everything you need to feed Corellian Ale to your guests.

SWTOR Bar Decorations

There is a bundle of Cantina decorations available on the Cartel Market.

Casino Decorations

Care to play a game of chance? Get your dice and your cards out and try your luck on the slots or the tables.

Starship Furniture

Don’t be afraid to bring your ship furniture into your stronghold. After all, you need to do something with it after you decommission the old clunker. Just make sure to check for a gizka infestation before you move it inside.

Bartender Personnel Decorations

Just because they don’t have bartender in their name doesn’t mean these NPCs aren’t ready to pour you some gin ‘n tonix! Try not to put anyone armed behind the bar, it unnerves the patrons.

And if you do need some hired guns to watch the doors, avoid hiring Imperial or Republic soldiers. They aren’t supposed to take side jobs and usually have mixed loyalties. Try these unaffiliated mercenaries out for size instead.

Hutt Decorations

Make sure your bar is ready for any impromptu visits from a Hutt you might want to do business with. Buttering up never hurts, eh? Especially not to a Hutt. And if you aren’t trying to impress them… try a carbonite version.

Don’t forget a giant golden hutt statue!

Neon Sign Decorations

Where’s the cantina? Light up the way for the drunken sluggards and hustlers to get to your door.