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‘In the Wild’ Decoration Contest

Do you have a super cool decoration? Want to show it off in all its glory? Well the best decorators know that no piece should ever stand on its own, the decorations around it should complement it and help create a bigger story in the room. Help others think of new ways to decorate their houses with screenshots of your decorations in the wild!

Latest Contest Category: (Contest on hold)End Date: —

Computers ContestCheck back another time! See below for past winners.

How to Enter

swtor 2015-05-05 21-40-10-851. Screenshot

Take a screenshot of a decoration in a decorated room (see rules below)

2. Comment

On that decorations’s page on and upload your screenshot

leave-way-contact3. Leave a Contact

Make sure to leave a way to contact you back if you win in the comment!

 icon-envelope  You MUST leave a way to contact you back if you win!!! Your reddit username, your SWTOR username, your twitter, your disqus account, or your SWTOR character name ingame (plus server and faction).

Prize: Rare Taun Fawn Code
For every decoration you submit to, you will receive one entry into a draw to win a Taun Fawn code! Once the code is entered, you will receive this rare pet will be mailed to all your characters ingame. Courtesy of the Bioware Community team! Your entry will also be on display on the decorations page for others to see and gain inspiration from.

Extra Rules:

BAD:  Just the decorationVoss-ka Street Lamp GOOD: The decoration in a real decorated roomvoss-ka-street-lamp-crowded

BAD:  UI is onuion GOOD: UI is off (ALT+Z)uioff

BAD:  You submitted the same screenshot to two different decorations.swtor 2015-05-05 21-43-24-59 swtor 2015-05-05 21-43-24-59  GOOD: You submitted two different screenshots to two different decorations. It’s ok if they’re in the same room.swtor 2015-05-05 21-43-24-59 swtor 2015-05-05 21-43-35-43 


Past Winners

winner-kaertaContest: Civic Sculptures (ended May 19th)Winner: Kaerta of Red Eclipse!
vaartside-amunitionContest: Container (ended May 29th)Winner: Vaartside of Reddit! There were 70 entries this week!
Contest: Wall and Floor Lights (ended June 8th) Winner: Hache-Moncour of Disqus! There were 36 entries this week! Special thanks to Ivilon, Kadru, Zyera and Zero who submitted lots of lights.
Contest: Signs (ended June 19th) Winner: Zyera Keywork of Twitter! There were 34 entries this week. Special thanks to Jelra who also created a bunch of entries.
Contest: Computers (ended June 29th) Winner: IntisarNOR of Twitter! There were 7 entries this week.


Remember, don’t post your screenshots below… post them on the decoration’s page! Use the search bar on the left to find it.

“Introduction to Galactic Strongholds” Breakdown

SWTOR has finally released more information about player housing as well as shown how the placement system works! Read more to view a breakdown of the gifs and a key points list as well as an explanation about some of the features.

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Coruscant Developer Pre-release Screenshot Tour

Coruscant Developer Pre-release Screenshot Tour

Before strongholds even came to the Public Test Server, Bioware released dozens of screenshots on their websites, their facebook, and in their promotional videos to tease eager fans. Here are just a few of Coruscant.

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Decorations from Operations and Past Acheivements

Decorations from Operations and Past Acheivements

Will our participation in past operations, FPs, and pvp be honoured (tracked via achievements)? Or will it be a blank slate when housing comes out?

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Detailed Screenshots of the Tatooine Homestead via SWTOR Facebook

Nine beautiful Tatooine Homestead screenshots have been released! View the dusky twin suns, the  Jawa balloon, and th elaborate pit-style home sprinkled with various domes and tarps.

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Developer Update: Introduction to Galactic Strongholds

Jesse Sky, Lead Designer has released a Developer Update on the upcoming SWTOR player housing strongholds, showing more about the designing system and more info about unlocking decorations.

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DevTracker updates about Deactivation and Legacy Storage

DevTracker updates about Deactivation and Legacy Storage

The devtracker always lets us know a little more informally about updates coming to SWTOR thanks to our SWTOR community managers.

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Dromund Kaas decoration stream with Eric, Chill from OotiniCast, and Jack!

Decorate in Dromund Kaas with Chill from Ootinicast, with hosts Eric Musco and Jack. First look at the DK stronghold and lots of decorations.

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Dulfy “Strongholds Stream” Breakdown

Dulfy has created an indepth breakdown of the SWTOR Stream divulging a lot more about Strongholds than we’ve ever seen before. Take a look at her screenshots and notes of the stream.

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Enmity Podcast covers Galactic Player Housing in Episode 33

Enmity Podcast covers Galactic Player Housing in Episode 33

Queues are popping… and housing is imminent. The cast at Emnity podcast review their wishlist for the upcoming SWTOR player housing and guild ships.

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Galactic Living: Tatooine Homestead Video

SWTOR has released a cinematic view of the Tatooine Homestead player housing Stronghold, showcasing the various rooms, the twin suns and the different ways a user can decorate their house.

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Guild Ships and Stronghold Tours discussed on Enmity Podcast Episode 46

Guild Ships and Stronghold Tours discussed on Enmity Podcast Episode 46

Listen to Enmity Podcast 46th episode at 42 Gaming to hear Raging Rondo and his co-host Big to hear their thoughts on the upcoming SWTOR player housing and guild flagship costs, and try to answer the question of “who are strongholds for?”

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How to take a Video Tour of your Stronghold

Want to show off your stronghold properly? Take a video of your in game player house and let visitors have the full experience without ever having to log on!

How to set up, record,edit and upload a tour of your stronghold (or anything else) to Youtube and share it with others!

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Legacy Storage Update #2 on devTracker – crafting materials and BoP items

Legacy Storage Update #2 on devTracker – crafting materials and BoP items

Another update on Legacy Storage from Eric Musco, bound items will remain bound even with a legacy bank, but the legacy bank will become incredibly useful for crafting and materials!

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Medbay Decorations Collection

A medbay, medical bay, medical center, or medical wing, was a room or area on a starship where the sick and injured were healed. It was similar to a medcenter or a hospital. Sick bays could be found on both military and civilian vessels, and in some instances in non-mobile bases, throughout thousands of years of galactic history. They were often furnished with hospital beds and bacta tanks, and they could be staffed by sentients and medical droids alike.

Medical Lab Decorations

A medbay is only as good as its equipment, so make sure to invest in the good stuff. You will need to decide what type of medical lab you are habouring – will it be an underworld clinic for criminals to get implants? A standard Republic or Military medbay for soldiers? Or are you a scientific lab, neutral to all parties?

Medbay Lights

If you can’t see what you’re doing, then you’re just an Underworld clinic, and you know the kind of work they do.

Medical Furniture

A medbay is more than just a few kolto tanks stuffed in a room. You need to create an environment where people can wait in times of needs, places for them to sleep, and add the tools your staff need to treat their patients.

Republic Medbay Decorations

The Republic knows what needs to be done when it comes to repairing broken bodies in the medical bay.


Imperial Medbay Decorations

The Empire does not fear death – but its citizens sometimes do, so the Imperial medbays are always well equipped.

Biological Medical Decorations

Every scientist needs something to experiment on that isn’t sentient, and it’s always nice to have your own ingredients on hand.




Nar Shaddaa Developer Pre-release Screenshot Tour

Nar Shaddaa Developer Pre-release Screenshot Tour

Before strongholds even came to the Public Test Server, Bioware released dozens of screenshots on their websites, their facebook, and in their promotional videos to tease eager fans. Here are just a few.

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New Galactic Living Twitch Series (July 2nd, 8:30 PM GMT)

Watch SWTOR’s Twitchtv channel on July 2nd for the new Galactic Living series that will showcase the innards of the upcoming SWTOR player housing.

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Nov 1/2

  • Documented Rakghoul plants, posted reminder on Reddit
  • Documented Halloween items
  • Created Cartel Market singles categories
  • Added screenshots of Cartel Market singles icons
  • Screenshots of various Operation/FP decos
Ootinicast covers Galactic Strongholds in Episode 133

Ootinicast covers Galactic Strongholds in Episode 133

With the new updates, announcements and delays in player housing, Ootinicast with guests Simon and Redna cover their thoughts, predictions and wishlists for Galactic Strongholds.

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OotiniCast Episode 137 interviews /u/SWTOR_Miner

OotiniCast Episode 137 interviews /u/SWTOR_Miner

Although much of what is covered in Episode 137 is related to general data mining as well as feature content, /u/SWTOR_Miner did have a small bit to say about Galactic Strongholds. Click read more to view mined spoilers.

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Pets, Mounts and Speeders Confirmed for Strongholds! + Market Speculation

Pets, Mounts and Speeders Confirmed for Strongholds! + Market Speculation

With exciting news from a producer’s letter about Galactic Strongholds, Bruce Maclean confirms the ability to add your pets, speeders and mounts to your stronghold!

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Player Housing Early Access being moved to Aug 18th, 2014

Player Housing Early Access being moved to Aug 18th, 2014

The original release date for Player Housing was to be in June 24th, but in order to deliver some cool new features the date is being moved back to August 18th.

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Player Housing Question asked at Los Angeles Community Q&A

Player Housing Question asked at Los Angeles Community Q&A

I got the chance to ask a question during the Community Cantina in Los Angeles, and of course it was about Strongholds. I was attempting to ask if when you share a stronghold between characters, their furniture etc would also be shared. Musco and crew delivered with info about Strongholds!

Asker: Hi there I’ve got a question about Strongholds – upcoming. I’ve got a Jedi, I’ve got a Sith on the other side. When they’re sharing the same stronghold, we know they’re legacy-wide, BUT – will my Jedi and my Sith be in the same room together, bashing eachother? Or will it simply be the unlock that is legacy wide?

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Potential Future Planets for Player Housing

Potential Future Planets for Player Housing

At this time we aren’t talking about any additional planets aside from what we have announced, which is Coruscant, Dromund Kaas, and Nar Shaddaa. [Source]

Although no other locations are being talked about, we can definitely assume that more planets will come after release if player housing is received well.

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Prepare for SWTOR Player Housing

Prepare for SWTOR Player Housing

Are you ready? We’ve been given hints and clues about what we can expect, and where decorations could possibly come from. But what can you do to get ready for the big date?

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PTS Stronghold Prices and Unlocks on

EDIT: No longer relevant, link no longer works. – Swtorista

View tables of the unlock prices for credits and cartel coins of all four strongholds on along with video tours and maps of the PTS strongholds.

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PvP in Strongholds Discussed on The Unknown SWTOR Podcast

PvP in Strongholds Discussed on The Unknown SWTOR Podcast

Listen to the cast on! JD has some really interesting ideas about how PvP can be incorporated into strongholds, including allowing players to “create their own warzones” and allowing large multi-player fights in a controlled environment.

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Questions About Player Housing

Questions About Player Housing

We know it’s coming, but not the specifics. There are still so many unanswered questions about player housing. Here’s just a small sample of them.

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Republic Fleet Stronghold (Carrick Station Penthouse)

Star Wars: The Old Republic players have been requesting a smaller apartment stronghold for quite a while now, and the developers have responded with two new Penthouse strongholds located on the Republic and Imperial fleets. The Republic Fleet Stronghold (properly called the Carrick Station Penthouse in-game), has only four rooms, and is much smaller than the other strongholds, but still has six hundred hooks available for decorating and cool view of space and of the VIP lounge of the Fleet.

Public Test Server Information, subject to change

To unlock access to the Republic Penthouse, you will need to purchase a “deed” items from the Galactic Seasons vendor. The deed costs 7 Galactic Seasons tokens, and subscribers would receive their seventh token by the time they reach Galactic Seasons Level 62, and free-to-play players can only earn a total of 4 tokens per season.

This Deed and the use of it transfers ownership of one Carrick Station Penthouse from its former owner (the grantor) to the new owner (the grantee) as defined by statute of the Galactic Republic. This deed is non-transferable to those outside of your Legacy. This deed may not be resold. Per regulatory statute of the Carrick Station, only those who have standard grade Station access are permitted within the Penthouse at any given time. (You can’t buy or sell the stronghold deed on the GTN or give it to a friend, [[you can not invite Imperial players to the stronghold]]. )

Carrick Station

During the final months of the Great Galactic War, the Republic became desperate to develop a new hyperroute for supplies in their conflict with the aggressive Sith Empire. To facilitate their new route, a nearly forgotten supply base known as Outpost 22 was returned to full service. By the time the Treaty of Coruscant was signed and the war had ended, Outpost 22 had become such a major hub of activity as to be as indispensable a gathering place as the capital world itself. The base was given a new and significant identity–Carrick Station–in dedication to Zayne Carrick, a once-unassuming Padawan who rose to a position of great importance during the Mandalorian Wars.

Republic Fleet Stronghold Full Tour & Review

Carrick Station Penthouse

This modest penthouse apartment is located in the upper levels of Carrick Station, the Republic’s primary space station. Such prime real estate is reserved for powerful and well-connected individuals. It features state-of-the-art architecture, a magnificent view, and a high-grade security system to ward off unwanted solicitors.

Your initial unlock gets you a small entry area, a main room, two windowed rooms and a large octagonal room. One of the windowed rooms overlooks the VIP Lounge on Carrick Station and the other overlooks space, ships, and Carrick Station’s exterior. This is a copy of Carrick Station – you will not be able to see other players running around if you look down out the window. You do hear cantina music in the cantina-facing room.



Stronghold Decoration Art Released at SWTOR Los Angeles Community Cantina Thumbdrive

Stronghold Decoration Art Released at SWTOR Los Angeles Community Cantina Thumbdrive

Thirteen images of upcoming stronghold decorations have been released through the thumbdrive given away during the Los Angeles Community Cantina. From the Firebrand tank to the Ancient Voss Sarcophogus, we still don’t know how we’ll be able to get these decorations… but at least we can see them.

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Stronghold Decoration player suggestions request on Devtracker from Matthew Dondelinger

Associate Designer Matthew Dondelinger has requested player suggestions for ingame decorations for strongholds. Requests like this have happened in the past – only time will show if any of these suggestions are taken to heart! Suggestions range from the absurd to practical.

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Stronghold Starter Guide

Table of Contents

Ready to get started on your first stronghold? Strongholds are SWTOR’s version of player housing – you can buy a house, and then decorate it the way you’d like with decorations found all over the game. You can then invite others to see your stronghold, or place it on the public listings so people can find it and tour your house. Strongholds are also a very convenient because you can set up useful tools like your legacy bank and a GTN in whatever arrangement you want.

How to Get Your First Stronghold

To get your first stronghold you must do the initial quest. You must be LEVEL 15 and able to get to the fleet to start this quest.

swtor 2015-05-16 11-00-51-89Crafting & Strongholds section of the fleet (flipped for Imperial side) swtor 2015-05-16 11-00-45-27Look for a holographic NPC with a quest symbol swtor 2015-05-16 11-01-22-23After you start the test, go to the stronghold section nearby and buy your first stronghold – Coruscant or Dromund Kaas are only 5,000 credits

You can buy multiple strongholds and have real estate across the galaxy. Your strongholds are legacy-wide, and all your characters can visit them and see the decorations you have put down.

You can do this quest on every one of your characters for free decorations!

swtor 2015-05-16 11-03-03-68

How to Use the Strongholds Panel

Once you have your first stronghold, you can use the strongholds panel. To open it, click the icon on the menu that is shaped like two little silos.


On the left, you can switch between Personal and Guild strongholds. If you are in a guild, they may also have a stronghold or flagship you can visit!

swtor 2015-05-16 11-01-47-55

To go to your stronghold once you have purchased it, click the “Travel” button in the strongholds panel. It will teleport you there.  The best part is once you go to your stronghold, you can then “Travel Back” to your original location – so if you are questing, you can make a quick run to your bank, your mailbox or the GTN then travel back to exactly where you were. However “travel back” will only bring you back to the correct planet (NOT the correct location) if you log out in between.

How to Decorate

Once you are in your stronghold, a new box will pop up on your screen. You can click ‘Edit Mode’ to decorate.

swtor 2015-05-16 11-09-54-71Click ‘Edit Mode’ to decorate a stronghold you own swtor 2015-05-16 11-10-01-74You can now click on a ‘hook’ to put a decoration there swtor 2015-05-16 11-11-08-65Clicking on a hook will open the decorations panel

Once you click it a bunch of colored boxes will pop up on the floors, walls and ceilings. These are called hooks – they are locations where you can place a decoration. Right-click on any of these squares to add a decoration. When you do, the decorations panel should pop up, where you can look through the decorations list of things that fit in that hook. The best way to sort is with “Sort by Available“, because it will show you what decorations you have unlocked.

How to Unlock Decorations

If you have completed the initial stronghold quest, the first time you travel to your stronghold you should receive a bundle of starter decorations. To make them useable in you stronghold, you need to right-click the items in your inventory. Be careful – once you use them you can no longer sell them or give them away, so think before you right-click! Once you have right-clicked them, they will be added to your decorations list. That decoration will now be accessible by all your legacy characters in any of your strongholds.

Once you place a decoration down, it will subtract 1 of those decorations from your available decorations. However you can pick it back up again and put it down somewhere else. You can have multiples of the same decoration as long as you acquire multiples of the item and use them. For example, you can have 4 Basic Metal Chairs as long as you buy four from the vendor, and you will be able to place a total of four down across all your strongholds.

To view all your decorations, open the Stronghold Panel. On the left sidebar, click the ‘Personal’ button with a score under it. You can then sort by All, Unlocked and Available.

How to Get More Easy Decorations

  • You can do the initial stronghold quest on all your characters for free basic decorations
  • Visit the “Credit” vendor for some cool, cheap decorations – the credit vendor is located near where you originally bought your strongholds, in a trio of vendors
  • For every Flashpoint or operation boss you defeat, you will get a Trophy decoration to hang on your wall
  • Check the GTN! Go to the decorations category, then check each sub-category. Sort by lowest to highest to find some cheap decorations you can buy.
  • A ton of decorations can be crafted! The materials for them are slightly rare but you can gather them yourself with gathering missions. If you happen to be completing your conquests, you will receive Jawa Junk which can be used to buy extra crafting materials.
    Industrial Prefab decorations, Synthetic Prefab Decorations, Universal Prefab Decorations
  • Completing your personal Conquest for the week will net you three crafting node decorations every week
  • If you’ve finished a class’s chapter 3 storyline, you’ll have 50 copies of their class sign! you can also get cheap decos if you are light side or dark side.
  • Like warzones? There are decorations for number of killing blows in each warzone. You can also buy decorations with warzone commendations.

The Most Useful Decorations

The most useful decorations to get are the ones you can use! I highly recommend placing down your legacy bank and mailbox first, which you get from your intial quest. You should also get a personal bank (green one), a guild bank (purple one, if you are in a guild), a GTN, and an augment kit station if you are max-level. You can view all the “useful” decorations here.

To get a personal bank, you can either craft one, buy one from the GTN, buy one from the Cartel market, or get one from the Security Key vendor.

To get a GTN, you can craft one, buy one from the GTN, or buy one from the Cartel Market. There’s two versions, a big one and a small one. They’re the same thing, they just look different.

You should also get a vendor of some kind you can sell junk items to – choose one here or use the Felusia Stato decoration you get from the initial quest!

How to Craft Decorations

You do not directly craft decorations – you craft “prefab kits” which can then be traded to a Fabrication Droid for the decoration you want. These kits can also be bought and sold on the GTN. The droids can be placed in your stronghold as an interactable decoration, or can be found on the fleet in the Crafting & Strongholds section.

How to Get Flashpoint Decorations

Flashpoint decorations are a potential drop from certain flashpoints. They have a small chance of dropping from the final boss of the flashpoint, and a high chance of dropping from the bonus boss if the flashpoint has one.

The flashpoints below can be solo’d by a max-level character with some decent gear if they are being careful. For the newer level 60 flashpoints you will likely have to team up with a friend. Make sure to run them on hardmode and to do the bonus boss! In our personnel non-scientific experience, the more people in the party the more likely a decoration is to drop.

How to Get a Flagship

Flagships are accessed from the same panel as strongholds, but it’s a lot more work to get them! View the Flagship Guide

How to Invite Friends to Your Stronghold

There are three ways to invite someone you know to your stronghold:

If they are in your group or nearby, you can right click their name and invite them.


You can open your stronghold panel and click “Invite” under your stronghold. Or, you can invite your whole group!


You can give your friend a ‘key’.

stronghold-key A bronze key will allow them to visit whenever they want.

stronghold-key-silver A silver key will allow them visit whenever they want and to invite others.

Only you can have a gold key to your stronghold which allows you to decorate. You can not let friends decorate your stronghold. (need keys screenshot)

How to Show Off Your Stronghold

Have you made your stronghold awesome? Decorated every room? Have more than just basic decorations? It’s time to show off!

Advertise & Invite on the Fleet

The funnest way to show off your stronghold is to post in general chat on the fleet that you are giving a tour, then invite people. Make sure your house is well decorated and you are ready for strangers to come in – many people will comment or criticize on your stronghold if you are there. Be prepared to deal with strange people – if they annoy you, you can kick them out of your stronghold by entering their name in the Strongholds panel.


Publicly List Your Stronghold

You can list your stronghold so people can visit it without you inviting them. When you publicly list your stronghold, others can go to the stronghold terminals and find your stronghold on a list of public strongholds. They can then go and visit. You do not have to be present – you can be away questing or pvping, but still allow people to see your house. Be warned – they don’t have to leave once they have entered! If you do not want strangers in your house, do not list your stronghold publicly!

To publicly list your stronghold click the key symbol in the stronghold panel beside your stronghold. The symbols that appear below it will denote which faction can visit it.

What is Prestige?

Prestige is a score that is made up of multiple things related to strongholds and decorations. Strongholds with higher prestige are listed higher on the public strongholds listing if you choose to list your stronghold there. For example, my stronghold with a 1,000 prestige will be listed a lot lower than someone who has unlocked a ton of decorations.


Legacy Stronghold Prestige – Legacy prestige is made up of how many decorations you have unlocked. Every unique decoration you unlock will increase your Legacy’s Prestige by 100, and subsequent unlocks of the same decoration will increase your Prestige by 2.

To see your legacy stronghold prestige, open the Stronghold Panel. It will be beside a ‘medal’ symbol under the world ‘Personal’ on the left sidebar.


Legacy Stronghold

Individual Stronghold Prestige – Each of your Strongholds is scored by multiplying its completion percentage by your Legacy’s Prestige score. You can increase your Stronghold’s completion percentage by unlocking rooms and placing decorations.


Stronghold Prestige

In theory, strongholds that top the Public Listing will therefore be the ones that are the most ‘complete’ that are owned by players who have the largest variety of decorations. Collectors often use this score to compete and compare their decoration collections.

Note: There is also a score that is colloquially called ‘prestige’ that involves legacy achievement points. This is completely separate and unrelated to strongholds.

Strongholds Under Construction in Coruscant and Dromund Kaas

Strongholds Under Construction in Coruscant and Dromund Kaas

During the Vancouver Community Cantina, these images were released as part of the fan thumbdrive. They show construction of the highrise Capital planet strongholds.

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Strongholds will be Legacy-Wide Confirmed

Strongholds will be Legacy-Wide Confirmed

We’ve finally gotten confirmation about how Strongholds will work in terms of Legacy with a quick note from Eric Musco on the devtracker.

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Summer of SWTOR Update

Summer of SWTOR Update

Although no new news has been released about Player Strongholds with the updated roadmap, we did get a reassurance that early access will still start on August 19th.

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SW:TOR Strongholds Stream – with Eric, Toby, and Jack!

First Look Preview: Galactic Strongholds Decoration System on Wednesday, July 2nd @ 1:30PM PDT / 8:30PM GMT host by Eric Musco, Toby and Jack with brand new information and functionality display.

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SWTOR Galactic Living Dromund Kaas Livestream Notes on

missed the stream or not interested in watching the whole hour? Dulfy’s got some great livestream notes up!

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SWTOR Galactic Living: Nar Shaddaa Sky Palace Player Housing Video Released + Video Breakdown

SWTOR Galactic Living: Nar Shaddaa Sky Palace Player Housing Video Released + Video Breakdown

SWTOR Producer Jack Wood, gives a tour of the Nar Shaddaa Sky Palace, located on the smuggler’s moon. This dual-factioned stronghold puts you on top of the world on Nar Shaddaa, in SWTOR’s upcoming player housing. Here’s a breakdown of what is shown in the video.

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SWTOR How to Get a Guild Flagship

SWTOR How to Get a Guild Flagship

A guild flagship is a decoratable area unique to your guild, which will allow you to participate more fully in conquests in SWTOR. It requires a lot of resources to set up, including 50 million credits. This guide will explain how!

Updated for 7.3

You will need:

  • A Guild (4 people together in a group required, the guild-maker must be a subscriber)
  • A Guild Bank (12 characters in the guild + 600k credits)
  • 8 million credits in the Guild Bank (to buy the Flagship, it used to be 50 mill)
  • 600,000 credits on-hand to buy the Guild Bank

1. Create a Guild (requires 4 people)

You need yourself plus three other people in a group together to create a guild. Head the the Galactic Trade Market part of the fleet, and look for the purple key symbol. Speak to the NPC there to start your guild. The other members need to be in your group, but not present. You may remove them from your guild afterwards.

2. Buy a Guild Bank (requires 2+ people, 12 total characters and 600,000 credits)

You must have a guild bank to buy a guild flagship! To purchase a guild bank, you must first have 12 unique characters in your guild (these can be your alts, have a friend invite them if you are trying to make a 1-man guild and remove them afterwards). To buy it, access the purple bank near the guild NPC.

Deposit at least 8,000,000 (8 million) credits into your guild bank (cost of a guild flagship). You must have these credits in the guild bank, not your inventory!

3. Buy a Guild Flagship

In the Strongholds & Crew Skills part of the fleet, go to the flagship terminal (it is near the other stronghold terminals, but in a different room). On the Purchase tab, press the Purchase button.



Buying a flagship costs 50,000,00 credits. You must have placed these credits in your guild bank first.

4. Travel to Flagship

To travel to your purchased flagship, open the strongholds panel. Click the guild tab, then click the Travel button. This will take you to your flagship.


5. Rename Your Flagship

You may save this step until later, if you want to poll your guild or think about it first. Open the strongholds panel, and choose the guild tab. There will be a small rename button on the top right. Be careful, you can only rename your flagship for free once! If you do not rename it, it will simply be called “Flagship: <Guild Name>”.


Guild Perks

Guild Perks are a way of offering members in a Star Wars: The Old Republic small bonuses in the game for contributing and being a member of a guild. These are unlocked through owning a Flagship. Learn more in the Guild Perks Guide!


SWTOR May Insider Video + Strongholds Video Breakdown & Screenshots

SWTOR May Insider Video + Strongholds Video Breakdown & Screenshots

SWTOR Producer Jack Wood and Community Manager Eric Musco offer an inside look at the latest exciting news for Galactic Strongholds Digital Expansion including the first look at pets inside homes, speeders up close and the transformation of an empty room into one filled with trophies and decorations.

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SWTOR Player Housing Features

SWTOR Player Housing Features

It’s exactly what many players have been waiting for – a personal, customizable space they can call their own on TOR. These strongholds will be apartment-like complexes located on various planets that players can decorate with items from around the galaxy.

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