K’lor’slug Eggs

K’lor’slug Eggs (SWTOR Decoration)

K’lor’slug Eggs SWTOR decoration, screenshots and information!

K’lor’slug Eggs Medium Floor Hook

Hook: Floor Medium (Blue Square)

The K’lor’slug Eggs decoration fits into a blue medium square floor hook.

How to Get a K’lor’slug Eggs Decoration

Yes this item decoration can be bought on the GTN! Bought and sold on the GTN from other players
Cartel Market Bundle Decoration Crafted

How to Craft a K’lor’slug Eggs Decoration

To craft a K’lor’slug Eggs decoration, you first need to craft a Synthetic Prefab MK-1. You can then turn the prefab in to a vendor and get this decoration in return. You can also buy a K’lor’slug Eggs decoration straight from the GTN, but it's often cheaper to just buy a Synthetic Prefab MK-1 from the GTN and turn it in to the vendor yourself.


Level 150+


Level 150+


Level 150+

Only Synthweavers, Biochemists and Artificers can craft a Synthetic Prefab MK-1 which can be turned in for a K’lor’slug Eggs decoration. If you do not have crafting level 150 in Synthweaving, Biochem or Artifice, you will need to buy a Synthetic Prefab MK-1 from the GTN to turn in for a K’lor’slug Eggs decoration, or level up your crafting level until you can make it yourself. You could also find a friend who can craft it, then give them the materials listed on the chart and they can make the prefab for you.

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