Voss-Ka Couch

Voss-Ka Couch (SWTOR Decoration)

Voss-Ka Couch SWTOR decoration, screenshots and information!

How to Get a Voss-Ka Couch Decoration

Yes this item decoration can be bought on the GTN! Can be bought and sold on the GTN from other players
Cartel Market Bundle Decoration Crafted
Costs: x1 Universal Prefab MK-2
Voss-Ka Couch Medium Narrow Floor Hook

Hook: Floor Medium Narrow (Blue Rectangle): The Voss-Ka Couch decoration fits into a narrow blue medium rectangle floor hook.

Voss-Ka Couch Medium Floor Hook

Hook: Floor Medium (Blue Square): The Voss-Ka Couch decoration fits into a blue medium square floor hook.

Additional Info

How to Craft a Voss-Ka Couch Decoration

To craft a Voss-Ka Couch decoration, you first need to craft a Universal Prefab MK-2. You can then turn that prefab in to a vendor and get this decoration in return. You can also buy a Voss-Ka Couch decoration straight from the GTN, but it's often cheaper to just buy a Universal Prefab MK-2 from the GTN and turn it in to the vendor yourself.

Crafting a Universal Prefab MK-2 from scratch to get a Voss-Ka Couch isn't easy - you first need to craft four seperate other items and then combine them into a Universal Prefab MK-2. To make a Universal Prefab MK-2, you will have to craft one Industrial Prefab MK-2, one Synthetic Prefab MK-2, one Fabricator Crystal MK-2, and one Fabricator Design MK-2. You can then craft those into a Universal Prefab MK-2.

Each of your characters can only have one crafting profession - so you will need to either craft this across multiple characters, or give a friend the materials or even sometimes to craft half the prefabs and buy the other half from the GTN.


Level 300+


Level 300+


Level 300+


Level 300+


Level 300+


Level 300+

Synthweaving & Biochem

Level 300+

Cybertech & Artifice

Level 300+

Armormech & Armstech

Level 300+

Armormech, Armstech, Cybertech, Biochem, Synthweaving, Artifice

Level 300+

Once you have finished crafting or buying your component from the GTN, you can turn it in at the vendor in the Crafting & Crew Skills section of the Fleet.

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