How to Craft a Synthetic Prefab MK-3

Yes this item decoration can be bought on the GTN! Bought and sold on the GTN from other players
artifice biochem synthweaving Crafted by Artifice, Biochem and Synthweaving

Synthetic Fabricator Droid

Synthetic Prefab MK-3s can be transformed into a wide variety of decorations a a Synthetic Fabricator Droid – or combined into a Universal Prefab. You can trade them in for a throne, a sign, a canopy, a planet, a camping kit, podiums, a couch and a lamp.

You can find a Synthetic Fabricator Droid in the “Crew Skills & Strongholds” section of the fleet, and one is also given to you as a decoration for completing the initial housing quest.

How to Craft a Synthetic Prefab MK-3 Schematic

Synthetic Prefab MK-3

The schematic for a Synthetic Prefab MK-3 can be bought from your crafting trainer at Artifice, Biochem or Synthweaving crafting level 450. The crafting trainers are located in the “Crew Skills & Strongholds” section of the fleet.

artifice Artifice
Mytag Crystalx1
Rainbow Gemx5
Lorrdian Gemstonex5
Corusca Gemx1

biochem Biochem
Radioactive Pastex1
Smart Cellsx5
Medical Grade Injectorx1
Sterilization Kitx1

synthweaving Synthweaving
Mandalorian Ironx1