Flag: Alliance (Standing)

Flag: Alliance (Standing) (SWTOR Decoration)

Flag: Alliance (Standing) SWTOR decoration, screenshots and information!

How to Get a Flag: Alliance (Standing) Decoration

No this item decoration can not be bought on the GTN! Can NOT be bought or sold on the GTN from other players
From: Knights of the Fallen Empire
Flag: Alliance (Standing) Small Floor Hook

Hook: Floor Small (Green Square): The Flag: Alliance (Standing) decoration fits into a small green square floor hook.

    Additional Info

    I believe the Flag: Alliance (Standing) decoration is a promotional item that all players can get for free from their in-game mailbox once they gain access to the Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion, even long after the expansion was launched. This means this decoration is not available to free-to-play players as they do not have access to that expansion automatically. You can get a free copy in your mailbox for every character you create.

    It seems to have been available on the GTN for a short time. I’m unsure if it is still sellable. Discussion Thread

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