Jollo (SWTOR Decoration)

Jollo SWTOR decoration, screenshots and information!

How to Get a Jollo Decoration

No this item decoration can not be bought on the GTN! Can NOT be bought or sold on the GTN from other players
From: Shroud of Memory Chapter
Jollo Small Floor Hook

Hook: Floor Small (Green Square): The Jollo decoration fits into a small green square floor hook.

Additional Info

Only available to those who unlocked a special story chapter called “Shroud of Memory”. To unlock the chapter, you must have been a subscriber continuously from January 11th, 2016, to August 1st, 2016 or purchased the HK-55 Chapter: Shroud of Memory unlock item from the Cartel Market. He is an NPC Twi’lek who sweeps your stronghold with a holo-broom.

If you have the chapter unlocked, you can still earn Jollo by sparing him in the chapter.

If you do not have the chapter unlocked, you will be unable to earn him unless you purchase the chapter from the Cartel Market.

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