After Shock Holo

After Shock Holo (SWTOR Decoration)

After Shock Holo SWTOR decoration, screenshots and information!

After Shock Holo Large Floor Hook

Hook: Floor Large (Purple Square)

The After Shock Holo decoration fits into a large purple square floor hook.

Hook: Centerpiece (Giant Purple Square)

The After Shock Holo decoration fits into a giant purple square floor hook with beams of light.

This item can not be bought or sold on the GTN! It must be earned through playing the game.

Eternal Championship Vendor Decorations

The Eternal Championship is a set of solo or group fights that require skill and attention. This trophy requires you to play the Eternal Championship's weekly quests, which will give you the Eternal Championship Trophy currency. The After Shock Holo decoration costs 6 Eternal Championship Trophies and can be purchased from the blue Ortolan named Piij the Eternal Championship Distributor vendor near where you go down the elevator to start the Eternal Championship .

You can not access the Eternal Championship until you have completed Chapter 9 of Knights of the Fallen Empire (level 60+). Eternal Championship Guide

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