Easy-to-Get Decorations in SWTOR

Easy-to-Get Decorations in SWTOR

Are you looking for more decorations for your SWTOR stronghold? Here’s a bunch of ways to get more without breaking the bank or completing difficult content!

Stronghold Intro Quest Decorations

The Stronghold Starter Quest gets you a nice bundle of decorations when you complete it and some in the mailbox afterwards – you can repeat this quest on as many characters who are level 15+ and have reached the Fleet!

You’ll also get a random assortment of three lockbox crafting decorations for each character!

Credits Vendor

There’s also a bunch of decorations you can buy just with credits from the Decoration Merchant. You can also buy more copies of some of those intro decorations here too.

Legacy Credits Vendor

These ones are more expensive, but still affordable compared to many decorations on the GTN from the Legacy Credits Vendor.

PvP Credits Vendor

A mix of different decorations related to PvP for credits. Some are very cheap.

Odessan Vendor

If you have access to the Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion or later, if you have access to the base on Odessan, you can purchase some neat Zakuul decorations for credits from the Odessan Black Market Vendor.

Flashpoint Guaranteed Reward Decorations

While many Flashpoints drop decorations, they aren’t always a guaranteed drop. However, running certain Flashpoints on the easiest story-solo mode is a guaranteed way to get certain decorations!

A Traitor Among the Chiss Decorations

There’s almost 150 decorations you can get from Flashpoints – but some of them have a very low chance to drop. The A Traitor Among the Chiss Flashpoint is an exception however – even in Solo-Story mode, each boss has a very high chance of dropping a decoration. What you get from this list is random though!

Copero Propaganda

If you’re running the A Traitor Among the Chiss flashpoint, complete one of the related achievements to get 999 copies of the Copero Propaganda poster!

Star Fortress Achievements

There’s a funny bug that makes it so when you compete the ‘All for One’ Achievement in Star Fortresses, you’ll get 999 copies of four different decos!

Star Fortress Drops

Star Fortresses also just seem to drop a lot of decorations in general.

Easy Achievements

There’s also some easy explorational achievements that will get you some decorations.

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