Rakata Console

Rakata Console (SWTOR Decoration)

Rakata Console SWTOR decoration, screenshots and information!

How to Get a Rakata Console Decoration

Yes this item decoration can be bought on the GTN! Can be bought and sold on the GTN from other players
Costs 150,000 Credits from a Vendor
Rakata Console Large Floor Hook

Hook: Floor Large (Purple Square): The Rakata Console decoration fits into a large purple square floor hook.

Credit Decorations (Legacy)

These decorations are available to all players, they just cost quite a few credits. To buy them, you need to travel to the Strongholds and Crew Skills section of the fleet and purchase as many copies as you want with credits. These decorations range from 50,000 Credits to 2.5 million Credits, but they may still be cheaper than many decorations on the GTN. All of these decorations have a “Rakata” theme.

The Rakata Console decoration can be easily bought for Credits from a vendor on the fleet. A very long time ago, it used to cost crystal commendations, but now can be bought with just credits.

To buy a Rakata Console decoration, head to the Crafting & Strongholds section of the fleet.

It is bound to legacy, so you can send it to your other characters... but once unlocked, all decorations are available in your stronghold legacy-wide, so the legacy-wide designation is mostly pointless. Unfortunately, due to the legacy restriction, it can not be donated to your guild's bank or sold on the GTN.

Additional Info

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