Even More Easy-to-Get Decorations in SWTOR

Even More Easy-to-Get Decorations in SWTOR

Are you looking for EVEN MORE decorations for your SWTOR stronghold? Here’s a bunch more ways to get more without breaking the bank or completing difficult content!

Reputation, Planets and Events

If you’re ready to start diving into the world of cooler decorations that you need to spend time earning, Reputation and Events are two really cool places to start. I have over 380 listed in the database, and how hard they are to get depends on how interested you are in the content, but they’re some of my favorite decorations to chase! Here’s a few that are fairly early in their tracks. Reputation decorations you can work on at any time, Event decorations you can only work on during the associated limited-time event.

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Nathema Flashpoint

Although this Flashpoint’s final boss might take a little bit to learn how to do, the Flashpoint itself drops all kinds of decorations on a fairly frequent basis compared to other Flashpoints in the game. You can even run the Nathema Conspiracy flashpoint in solo-story mode

Anniversary Event

Although it’s only available part of the year, keep your eyes open for the Anniversary event because you can get a ton of decorations for FREE! It usually happens around the end of December.

Mounts & Pets

Every Mount and Pet you collect can also be used as a decoration. You can use up to one copy per stronghold, and you can only place it down on the character that actually owns it.


Companions can also be used as decorations. They will appear as if they are wearing whatever gear you had them in, on the character you are currently on. Unfortunately, that means if you change characters, they will change clothes. If your other characters or visitors to your stronghold don’t have that companion, the companion decoration will appear as a holograph.


The Galactic Trade Network is another good place to pick up decorations. Start by choosing “Decorations” from the Category drop-down, and any type of decoration from the Sub-Category drop-down. Then press search, and sort by price by clicking “Price” on the top right.

Ideally, you would only want to pick up items that have the Cartel Market symbol on their icon from the GTN, because decorations listed on the GTN without the icon usually have an alternate way to get them – usually crafted or from a Reputation vendor around the galaxy. This isn’t a hard and fast rule, but if you are unsure, it’s an easy one to follow to not accidentally get scammed. Some good exceptions include Flashpoint and Operation decorations you don’t want to gather yourself, or items where you compare prices with a vendor (you can search for them on this site!!) and they are cheaper on the GTN.

For example, in my GTN search while writing this guide, I found a pretty Metropolitan Bench for 174,000 Credits.. and didn’t accidentally get scammed by buying an over-priced rug I can get cheaper from the vendor!

More Decorations

If you want to explore more decoration options, check these categories out!

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