Art: Nerfs

Art: Nerfs (SWTOR Decoration)

Art: Nerfs SWTOR decoration, screenshots and information!

How to Get an Art: Nerfs Decoration

No this item decoration can not be bought on the GTN! Can NOT be bought or sold on the GTN from other players (It can only be earned through the achievement, like most achievement decorations.)
Achievement: …Who’s Scruffy Looking? / Find hidden nerfs
Art: Nerfs Medium Wall Hook

Hook: Wall Medium (Blue Square): The Art: Nerfs decoration fits into a blue medium square wall hook.

Art: Nerfs Large Wall Hook

Hook: Wall Large (Purple Rectangle): The Art: Nerfs decoration fits into a large purple rectangle wall hook.

    Additional Info

    This hidden exploration achievement has you befriend Nerf calves by exploring various corners of three of SWTOR’s original planets: Alderaan, Hoth and Voss where three unique Nerf calves can be earned as Pets. Finding all three unlocks a hidden achievement with extra rewards.

    Nerf Herder Guide

    Have a suggestion or correction? Go to the Swtorista Website Discord and post your report in the #decorations channel. You will need to make a free Discord account.

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