Fury-Class Imperial Interceptor

Fury-Class Imperial Interceptor (SWTOR Decoration)

Fury-Class Imperial Interceptor SWTOR decoration, screenshots and information!

How to Get a Fury-Class Imperial Interceptor Decoration

Yes this item decoration can be bought on the GTN! Can be bought and sold on the GTN from other players
Cartel Market Bundle Decoration Crafted
Costs: x5 Dark Projects + x5 Universal Prefab MK-3 from the Imperial Fleet
Fury-Class Imperial Interceptor Starship Hook

Hook: Ship Hook (Giant Purple Square): The Fury-Class Imperial Interceptor decoration fits into a ship hook, which not all strongholds have.

Additional Info

Dark Project Decorations

Dark Project decorations are the most expensive decorations to craft, but allow you to craft some of the largest decorations in the game including your class ship as a decoration.

Each Dark Project decoration can be purchased from a vendor in the Strongholds and Crew Skills section of the fleet named the Starfighter and PvP Decorations Vendor  and costs 5 Dark Project items plus 5 Universal Prefab MK-3 items, both items that can be crafted. You can purchase those completed crafting items from the GTN, craft them yourself, or buy the completed decoration straight from the GTN from other players who are selling them for credits.

 Universal Prefabs are a bit harder to make than most standard crafted items. You can craft them by combining four other crafted items – a Synthetic prefab, an Industrial prefab, a Fabricator Crystal and a Fabricator Design. The first two are crafted by specific crafting skills, and the last two can be crafted by any crew skill. Once you’ve crafted or bought one of each, you can combine them to craft a universal prefab. There are four tiers of universal prefabs, and you can craft the Universal Prefab MK-3 from schematics directly from the crew skills trainer at crafting level 450.

 Dark Projects are items that can be crafted by any crew skill, and their crafting schematic becomes available from the crew skill trainer at crafting level 150. They require 8 Refined Isotope Stabilizers, an Iokath Recombinator and a War Supplies: Invasion Force.

 The War Supplies: Invasion Force item is a semi-useless item crafted for Conquest, and is a bit convoluted to craft, or can be bought from the GTN pre-crafted. But the Isotope and the Recombinator are a bit harder to track down as they are considered materials from previous expansions and are no longer part of the normal rotation of rewards.

 The Refined Isotope Stabilizer can sometimes also be found on the GTN from other players, but the most well known method is with jawa scrap. The Refined Isotope Stabilizer item can most easily be found from the Jawa Scrap vendor in the Cartel Bazaar section of the fleet named Mnek, who sells blue crafting materials in return for Scrap: Assorted Droid Parts. A single Refined Isotope Stabilizer costs Jawa Junk: x12 Scrap: Assorted Droid Parts (blue) and you need 8 of them total to craft a Dark Project, so you would need 96 blue scrap total if you were buying it this way. You can still get small amounts of Jawa Junk from the Daily Login Rewards, and some from deconstructing level 80 gear, and some from gathering missions.

If you happen to have any green Jawa junk you can turn it in for blue Jawa junk by talking to a nearby Jawa named Fuleesh who will convert it for you.

 The Iokath Recombinator item can be bought from a vendor on Odessan in the Alliance Staging area from the Recovered Goods Vendor, near the Umbara flashpoint entrance. It costs a straight 260,000 credits, so make sure to check the GTN and see if you can get it cheaper there first.

Getting the materials is the hard part. Once you’ve got one of each, you can combine them in to a Dark Project in the crafting panel – if you are missing the schematic, visit your crafting Crew Skills Trainer at crafting level 150 or up.

You can then turn in the crafted items to the vendor. You’ll only find the Republic ships and computer on the Republic side vendor, and the Imperial ships and Imperial Computer on the Imperial side vendor, but once you buy and use the decoration, you can place it down in any of your strongholds by any of your characters on your server – so you can definitely get yourself the luxury Imperial Agent ship for your trooper’s home base. Be aware that the starter strongholds don’t have big enough hooks for these giant starship decorations – so don’t buy one if you only have a Coruscant or Dromund Kaas stronghold!

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