Ranna Tao’Ven Romance Guide

Romanceable by: Jedi Knight male characters

How to start single-planet romance: On Tython, the Jedi Knight can flirt with the green Twi’lek Ranna Tao’Ven in the Twi’lek village, and at the conclusion of that story can [FLIRT] with her, admit how much he cares for her, kiss her, and have private time with her, as a dark side option. It must be kept a secret from the Padawan’s master and due to later events in the village, the romance can not be continued. Although the female Jedi Knight can not romance Ranna, they can become “sisters”, and go through a Twi’lek ritual for friends to become family, which is also a dark side option.

How to continue romance: None.

Videos: Ranna Tao’ven romance both options and ending, Female Jedi Knight sisters cutscene

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