Sanju Romance Guide

Romanceable by: Imperial Agent female characters

How to start single-cutscene romance: On Balmorra, the Imperial Agent will work with the terrorist cell with Sanju as their operative. to romance Sanju, the Imperial Agent must keep him alive, and they can meet up after the mission for a kiss and a small romance. The Agent invites him to join their crew, but Sanju feels Balmorra is his home, and the romance is not continued.

Here is some advice from another player found in the comments of a video about keeping Sanju alive,

After messing things up, I wondered which choices trigger Sanjus death and which one the romance and after a lot of research I think I finaly figured it out. It’s the conversation with Kaliyo when she says he’s cute and stupid. If you choose ”Go for it” or ”Enough, Kaliyo”, there will be no romance at the end. Instead, go for ”He’s not so bad”. Later, when you talk to Kaliyo again, don’t say ”He’s not my type”, but go for the second option. If you don’t do this, going 2 times for light side (Sabotage Chemishs plan, protect whoever you can) will not get you the romance. Also I think you have to choose at least one light side option, otherwise I think Chemish will kill him, because you’re better. If you sabotage Chemishs plan (light side), later refuse to get involved (dark side), he will not die and you can still romance him if you followed my instructions of how to speak with Kaliyo. Not sure what happens if you the first time go dark, later light. If you want him dead, go both times for the dark side. Hopefully this helps! – Rosenbleu

How to continue romance: None.

Videos: Sanju romance

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