Aristocra Saganu Romance Guide

Romanceable by: Imperial Agent female characters

How to start single-planet romance: During the mission on Hoth, the Imperial Agent will have multiple chances to [FLIRT] with Aristocra Saganu in person and via holocall. Before the agent leaves for the final part of the mission, they will have a minute alone with Aristocra, and a [FLIRT] option that leads to a kiss. Although he does not see the Agent off Hoth, he does holocall the Agent’s ship, and admits that although they can not spend their days and nights together, he gives the Agent the gift of being adopted in to his Chiss house, House Miurani.

How to continue non-romance: Players can resume their short romance with Aristocra after the Knights of the Eternal Throne expansion, as part of the Copero / Traitor Among the Chiss storyline. Although there is no romantic dialogue, they do get to reunite for a brief time.

Videos: Aristocra Saganu romance and loyal Chiss Imperial Agent, Aristocra Saganu romance A Traitor Among the Chiss

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