Malavai Quinn Romance Guide

Romanceable by: Sith Warrior female characters

About: An officer in the Imperial military, Malavai Quinn is loyal to the Empire and everything it stands for: order, the glory of the Sith and the conquest of the Republic. Following his mysterious disgrace at the Battle of Druckenwell, he was stationed on Balmorra where he occasionally carried out small missions for Darth Baras (to whom he owes much of his career’s early success). Duty-bound and honorable, Quinn is not afraid to express earned admiration for his superiors, but he is neither a bootlicker nor a mindless servant. He values competence alongside loyalty and will do whatever is necessary to thwart the enemies of the Empire as a whole and Darth Baras personally.

How to start romance: The Sith Warrior can romance Quinn during the Sith Warrior story as well as the companion conversations with him. These companion conversations are unlocked by completing quests within the Sith Warrior storyline, so check your companion on your ship after every planet to see if more companion conversation quests have become available, indicated by a quest marker over your companion’s head. The first companion conversation will take place right after you get them, and the last will take place after Corellia and your final class story chapter. A very important thing to know is that if you start the Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion, the Knights of the Eternal Throne expansion, or the Jedi Under Siege / Ossus / Onslaught expansion, you will automatically lock yourself out of the original companion storylines and will not be able to complete them later, and it is not guaranteed that your romance will be toggled for future expansions. You also can not do the companion conversations if you have used an Outlander Token or Commander’s Token to create a level 60, 65 or 70 character (using a Master’s Datacron to boost an existing character to level 70 is fine though.)

How to continue romance: Players can resume their romance with Quinn on Iokath after the Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion.

  • On Iokath, the player will run in to Malavai Quin and Elara Dorne early in the storyline, both acting as emissaries of their respective factions. If the player has romanced Quinn previously, they can choose “Come here! [Kiss Quinn]” as soon as they see him, but he does not want to kiss right then.
  • The player will have a major decision to make – to side with the Republic or the Empire on Iokath. If the player chooses to betray the Empire, Quinn will detonate a bomb and run away. The player can romance Quinn if they ally with the Republic or the Empire and the later cutscenes will change depending on the player’s choice.
  • When the player returns to the Iokath base, they will have a moment alone with Quinn, where Quinn explains where he has been all these years, and the player can choose “I will always love you [Kiss him]” or “Our love ended long ago” or “You’re a traitor [Kill him].” If the player chooses the love option, a box will pop up that says “This choice will resume your romance with Malavai Quinn. Doing so will end any other romances you may be involved in. Are you sure you want to proceed?” and clicking Continue will lead to a kiss. If the player chose to side with the Republic, a similar cutscene will happen, but Quinn will also be asked to be spared from prison for setting off the bomb earlier.
  • The player will be asked by Lana Beniko shortly afterwards, “Do you trust Major Quinn?” with a Yes/No response. Strangely, the “No” response will still have Quinn “join” the alliance. Technically, if the player joins the Republic, and spares Quinn, they can recruit both Elara Dorne and Malavai Quinn to the alliance this way.

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