Lieutenant Pierce Romance Guide

Romanceable by: Sith Warrior female characters

About: While few who are not Force sensitive in the Empire have any choice but to join the military, Lieutenant Pierce joined eagerly–not out of a sense of duty but out of a lust for action. In fact, although his soldiering and his bravery are beyond question, Pierce has faced resistance and scrutiny throughout his military career due to his occasionally reckless attitude and his disdain for authority. Fortunately, Pierce’s years in military black operations groups kept him away from the stuffier elements of the military hierarchy. Very often, Pierce is assigned to the most dangerous and far-flung worlds, where the Empire’s primary goal is destruction–which suits the lieutenant just fine.

How to start minor romance: The female Sith Warrior can romance Pierce very briefly during companion conversations with him – their fling only takes place near the end of the conversations, after Pierce completes and important companion mission, and the player has the option to say “[FLIRT] Show me.” which leads to an enthusiastic kiss and some private time. Although the player can express they want to continue spending private time with Pierce in the future, the romance is never revisited ever again apart from Pierce confirming that he wants to stay on the Warrior’s crew as long as she’ll have him.

These companion conversations are unlocked by completing quests within the Sith Warrior storyline, so check your companion on your ship after every planet to see if more companion conversation quests have become available, indicated by a quest marker over your companion’s head. The first companion conversation will take place right after you get them, and the last will take place after Corellia and your final class story chapter. A very important thing to know is that if you start the Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion, the Knights of the Eternal Throne expansion, or the Jedi Under Siege / Ossus / Onslaught expansion, you will automatically lock yourself out of the original companion storylines and will not be able to complete them later, and it is not guaranteed that your romance will be toggled for future expansions. You also can not do the companion conversations if you have used an Outlander Token or Commander’s Token to create a level 60, 65 or 70 character (using a Master’s Datacron to boost an existing character to level 70 is fine though.)

Romance non-continuation: Players can re-unite with Pierce through an alliance alert called Forgotten Trophy, but it is incredibly brief, and the player’s lines are not even voiced. There is no mention of the player’s relationship with Pierce. The entire scene is less than a minute long.

Videos: Lieutenant Pierce original romance and all companion conversations, Lieutenant Pierce on KOTFE with romance 

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