Cytharat Romance Guide

Romanceable by: Imperial male characters

About: A tactical advisor loyal to the Empire, Lord Cytharat is a Sith Pureblood who was brought out of the Academy by Darth Malgus, and is looking for a chance at redemption after Malgus became a traitor on Ilum.

How to start romance: Cytharat can be romanced by male Imperial characters as part of the Rise of the Hutt Cartel expansion which can be started from the player’s ship at level 50. After the player captures Gravity Hook Seven, they will meet Lord Cytharat, Katha Niar and the rest of the ground support team. The chance to romance Cytharat will only come after the player runs more of the Makeb campaign.

  • During the story, Cytharat and Katha Niar will holocall the player together, and after Cytharat speaks about the quakes, the player can choose “[FLIRT] We can’t have that.”
  • Later, in an another holocall outside with Katha Niar and Cytharat, Katha Niar will mention executions on the streets, and the player can choose “[FLIRT] Join up, Cytharat.”
  • Eventually Lord Cytharat will meet the player alone, and will hold position and protect the player’s escape route, and that’s where the player can choose “[FLIRT] Always the professional” for a small flirt option.
  • IMPORTANT CHOICE! Later in the Makeb storyline, Cytharat will call in and explain that his team is overwhelmed by attacking droids. The player will have two options, darkside “Let’s crush the machines.” or light side “Too risky. We escape together.” If the player chooses the light side option, and goes to save Cytharat, they will have the option to choose “Of course I’m here. [Kiss him]” when they find him.
  • Cytharat is a single-planet romance and does not return in any way after this scene.

Romance continuation: None.

Videos: Meeting Lord Cytharat, Cytharat holocall flirt option, Saving and kissing Lord Cytharat

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