Tython Green Endurance Datacron Guide

The Tython Green Endurance Datacron is located in the River Valley map on Tython grants Endurance +2.

The Tython Green datacron is in the Top of the Waterfall and is only available to Republic characters (Imperial players must make a Republic character to unlock this datacron). Finding this datacron will give you a permanent stat boost of Endurance +2 to all your characters on your server, and will unlock the Galactic History 09: The Force Wars codex.

  • Tython Endurance +2 Datacron (Republic)
  • Quicktravel: Elarian Trail
  • Taxi: Forward Camp Speeder
  • Location: River Valley - Top of the Waterfall
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Codex: Galactic History 09: The Force Wars

How to Get the Tython Green Endurance Datacron

You can see this green Datacron above a waterfall in a cave near the Jedi Temple of Tython.

You can get the datacron by carefully jumping up the waterfall cave entrance where you can see the datacron, but there is also a secret entrance further on up the trail in the river that doesn’t require any jumping.

Quick Travel to Elarian Trail or Taxi to Forward Camp Speeder

The closest Republic quick travel point is the Elarian Trail quick travel point (in the south of the map) and the closest taxi point is the Forward Camp Speeder speeder point (in the most south taxi point on the map).

Follow the River

From the Forward Camp, head up the stairs, following the path to the east towards Fleshraider Territory. Once you find the river nearby, follow the river north until you find the secret cave entrance. The datacron is at the end of the tunnel.