Onderon Purple / Red Mastery Datacron Guide

The Onderon Purple Mastery Datacron is located in the Pritarr Cages Forest map on Onderon grants +Mastery (it used to grant before the stats changed).

The Onderon Purple datacron is in the Excavation Tunnel and is available to both Imperial and Republic players. Finding this datacron will give you a permanent stat boost of +Mastery to all your characters on your server, and will unlock the The Dagger at Dox Piter codex.

  • Onderon +Mastery Datacron (Both Factions)
  • Quicktravel: Lake Overlook / Forward Operating Base
  • Taxi: Republic Lake Observation Point / Imperial Forward Operating Base
  • Location: Pritarr Cages Forest - Excavation Tunnel
  • Difficulty: Very Very Hard - Memorization, dexterity, speed, and no help
  • Codex: The Dagger at Dox Piter

How to Get the Onderon Purple Mastery Datacron

This Datacron is purple in the cutscenes, but is red in the Datacrons list.

Quick Travel / Taxi

The entrance to the datacron is in the back of the daily area Republic side where you go catch Pritarr creatures in cages.

Imperial side, this is a really far run.

Enter the Cave Hole

Enter the Cave

You’ll notice this is an instanced area with a green door. This means you can not summon people inside of it.

Find the Explorer’s Notes

Looking around the entrance, you will find a droid bent over, and if you hover your mouse over its notes, you’ll get a secret message.

This is a hint about the puzzle ahead.

Cross the Trapped Bridge

If you try and just walk across the bridge, you’ll fall to your death, even when walking over stones that look like they would be solid. The bridge is booby trapped, and many of the tiles are just holograms, though you can not tell which are real just by looking at the bridge.

You can use the note to decipher which of the stones are safe to step on. In the note, the ^^^^^ up arrows symbolize the start of the bridge, where you are, moving forwards. The ones symbolize places you will fall through, and the zeroes symbolize real stones you can jump to.

Imagine the bridge as a grid, and this is what it would look like with the numbers from the note on top of it.

Imagine the zeroes as safe spots, and here’s what the bridge would look like for safe places to step.

And here is the route you can jump to take to go forward!

Navigate the Spikes

No guide is really going to help you with this.

If you can not easily see the spikes, I highly recommend turning down your graphics so that shadows are off and turn the brightness up on your monitor.

By default, on my computer, there are many I can not see while playing on higher graphics. Stepping on a spike will kill you, and you’ll have to start over. Keep in mind where the spikes are as you move forward.

Jump the Lava

Just a little jump here.

Navigate More Spikes

Just carefully make your way around the spikes again. There no other booby traps, just the spikes on the floor. Like before, you should keep in mind where the spikes are.

Click the Datacron

Clicking the datacron will start a really cool cutscene… and as soon as it ends, you’ll be on a race to beat the clock to escape the excavation tunnel.

…now do it all backwards, with speed!

As soon as the timer starts, a green swirl of smoke will start expanding from the datacron, creeping up the cave. If it reaches you, you’ll die and have to start over at the beginning.

You’ll need to run backwards past all the spikes, jump over the lava, get past more spikes, and navigate the booby trapped bridge backwards, including memorizing where to jump safely without having a lot of time to consult a chart.

To make things easier, I’ve already translated the notes backwards for you, so you know which squares to jump onto to get out! They are similar but different backwards!

This datacron is all about speed, dexterity, and memorization, and as there is no summoning allowed in here, you must do this datacron yourself.

I have seen some players say they can do some creative things when it comes to their teleport on a Sage, Sorcerer, Sniper or Gunslinger, which has a range of about 30 m. You can put your teleport circle down at the front of the bridge, then once you get close enough, teleport back to it, but you’ll still need to do the whole part of jumping the bridge forward and going forwards and backwards with the spikes and lava.

* The codex entries Delicacies from the Demon Moon and The Dagger at Dox Piter are both from Onderon datacrons, but I was struggling to confirm which was earned from which datacron, as I already have collected all datacrons across my entire account.