Mek-Sha Green Endurance Datacron Guide

The Mek-Sha Green Endurance Datacron is located in the Contested Gangland map on Mek-Sha grants Endurance +7.

The Mek-Sha Green datacron is in the top of a tower accessed by a jumping puzzle and is available to both Imperial and Republic players. Finding this datacron will give you a permanent stat boost of Endurance +7 to all your characters on your server, and will unlock the The Hutts Discover Mek-Sha codex.

  • Mek-Sha Endurance +7 Datacron (Both Factions)
  • Quicktravel: Three Points / Three Points
  • Taxi: Three Points / Three Points
  • Location: Contested Gangland - top of a tower accessed by a jumping puzzle
  • Difficulty: Hard - Full Jumping Puzzle
  • Codex: The Hutts Discover Mek-Sha

How to Get the Mek-Sha Green Endurance Datacron

Quick Travel / Taxi

Three points is the taxi and quicktravel both Republic and Imperial side.

Find the Entrance

Go Up the Ramp

Just inside, there will be a little ramp bridge heading up.


Jump Over the Little Gap

Just up the bridge there will be a small gap you can jump over and into on your speeder.

From there you are trying to get onto a set of metal staircases at the end of the caged tunnel.

You can jump to the circular vent on the wall. I had better luck off my speeder.

Then you jump to the stairs. Don’t try and get a running jump off the circular vent, you’ll just slide off.

This set of jumps is hard and annoying, as if you fall, you’ll fall right into a patch of enemies.


When you do make the jump, head up the narrow staircase.

From there, ignore all the lights and caged areas, just jump the big gap onto the shipping crates. Get a running jump and do it on your speeder.

From there, jump onto the crate with a pile of garbage on top – you’ll actually be able to see the datacron from here if you look up, but you’ll need to travel further to get to it.


Jump from the crate to the canopy.


I think there’s more than one way to do this but next I jump onto the higher canopy.

Then I awkward fall down onto the floor of the edge of the building below the canopy.

From there you can sneak through a little crack behind an air duct.

Edge to Walkway

This is a hard jump at the end. It’s a very far, long jump. You’re trying to get back to the platform where the datacron is.

Back up, get a running start, and jump at the very end of the platform. If you don’t get a proper jump, you’ll land halfway up and have to start over.

Climb the Boxes

Once you’ve made that final jump, you can just climb and jump your way up the boxes to the datacron!

* The codexes Huttbreaker’s Rebellion and The Hutts Discover Mek-Sha are both from the Datacrons on Mek-Sha, but I’m not sure which is from which, as I have already collected all the datacrons and can not double-check them.