Ilum Dark vs Light Datacron Guide

The Ilum Dark vs Light Datacron is located in the Eastern Ice Shelf map on Ilum grants .

The Ilum Dark vs Light datacron is in the Elevators Pipe and is available to both Imperial and Republic players. Finding this datacron will give you a permanent stat boost of to all your characters on your server, but does not unlock a codex entry like most datacrons.

  • Ilum Datacron (Both Factions)
  • Quicktravel: Republic Waystation / Imperial Waystation
  • Taxi: Republic Waystation Speeder / Imperial Waystation Speeder
  • Location: Eastern Ice Shelf - Elevators Pipe
  • Difficulty: Medium - Little bit of jumping
  • Codex:

How to Get the Ilum Dark vs Light Datacron

Quick Travel / Taxi

Find the Elevators

Jump onto the Ice Ledge