Mek-Sha Red Mastery Datacron Guide

The Mek-Sha Red Mastery Datacron is located in the Slugfall Harbor map on Mek-Sha grants +Mastery (it used to grant before the stats changed).

The Mek-Sha Red datacron is in the Flying Disc and is available to both Imperial and Republic players. Finding this datacron will give you a permanent stat boost of +Mastery to all your characters on your server, and will unlock the Huttbreaker's Rebellion codex.

  • Mek-Sha +Mastery Datacron (Both Factions)
  • Quicktravel: Slugfall Harbor / Slugfall Cantina
  • Taxi: Slugfall Cantina Taxi / Slugfall Cantina Taxi
  • Location: Slugfall Harbor - Flying Disc
  • Difficulty: Very Hard - Precise jump onto fast moving object
  • Codex: Huttbreaker's Rebellion

How to Get the Mek-Sha Red Mastery Datacron

This datacron is very hard to get as it requires a very carefully timed jump onto a fast moving object. There are other ways to get it, but this guide will only cover the intended way to get it, and will not cover the concept of logging off while falling over the datacron’s platform, nor will it cover jumping down the pink sign.

Quick Travel / Taxi

Find a Good Spot

If you go to the farther bridge on the left, you can jump down to a lower platform with a cargo truck on it.

You can wait on the corner of this platform for the disc to come by.

Jump Onto the Disc

The disc will eventually come by, either from the right of left.

It will be moving very fast and not stop for you.

You can then jump your way down.

* The codexes Huttbreaker’s Rebellion and The Hutts Discover Mek-Sha are both from the Datacrons on Mek-Sha, but I’m not sure which is from which, as I have already collected all the datacrons and can not double-check them.

Another Method

Highly recommend you to go check out this video by Kid-Lee. He shows a method I like a lot better than the normally recommend route but you really need to see it in a video!