Ossus Yellow Presence Datacron Guide

The Ossus Yellow Presence Datacron is located in the Ossus Canyons map on Ossus grants +6 Presence (it used to grant before the stats changed).

The Ossus Yellow datacron is in the Broken Bridge and is available to both Imperial and Republic players. Finding this datacron will give you a permanent stat boost of +6 Presence to all your characters on your server, and will unlock the The Unlikely Survival of Ossus codex.

  • Ossus +6 Presence Datacron (Both Factions)
  • Quicktravel: Ancient Ruins / Dead Forest / Ossus Canyons
  • Taxi: Ancient Ruins Outpost Speeder / Ossus Canyons Camp
  • Location: Ossus Canyons - Broken Bridge
  • Difficulty: Easy - Requires Explorer's grappling hook
  • Codex: The Unlikely Survival of Ossus

How to Get the Ossus Yellow Presence Datacron

You may be able to see this datacron up on a bridge while exploring Ossus, but you won’t be able to get it until you’ve first found the Grapple Device from the Crushed Explorer elsewhere.

Quick Travel / Taxi to get Grapple Device

Republic side, there is a quick travel and taxi on the same map as the entrance to the datacron.

Imperial side, there is the Dead Forest quick travel, but no taxi, if you don’t have the quick travel take the Ossus Canyons Camps speeder and the run north.

Find Grapple Device


If you have already gotten this datacron, you will not be able to pick up the Grapple Device, it is an item that shows up in your Mission inventory.

Quick Travel / Taxi to the Bridge

Catacombs Entrance is the quick travel point both Republic and Imperial side.

Find the Bridge

Republic – Catacombs Entrance quick travel / Ancient Catacombs Speeder

Imperial – Ancient Catacombs quick travel / Ancient Catacombs Speeder

Climb the Broken Steps


If you have the Grapple Device you will be able to see the green circle you can right-click to grapple hook across.

Note, don’t log out until you get the datacron. You may spawn under the bridge otherwise and will have to take the grapple hook back up again, /stuck does not work, you’ll need to quick travel away first. If you are trying to summon, much of the platform is bugged – my group found a good little spot on top of a block of stone that works, off the floor, for a summon.